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The appearance on the Russian stage charming blonde named Zlataslava did not go unnoticed either listeners or musicians or journalists. Shocking his sexually explicit video for the song "Kiss!" Instantly became the leader of views on all possible internet resources, and with the audience after the first "shock" rise to the natural desire to know who this Zlataslava where it and what to do to start a solo career.

The turning point in her life was the music school of Rimsky-Korsakov №1, where her 4-year-old, just with a walk led dad, and where, despite her age, she was instantly credited: the principal, without hesitation, enrolled in a preparatory class charming little girl with perfect pitch. One year later, her picture graced the leader board, where shortly before hanging picture graduate school of Christina Aguilera. After music school was the School of Music, which shines finished with honors, and the Moscow Conservatory in piano, from which it also came with honors. This achievement not only talented and motivated women, but also the family: in this intelligent Moscow family everything was done to the children grew up well-educated and hardworking.

Perhaps Svetlana and would be a professional pianist, if not the case, once and forever change her life. Girlfriend caught the eye of an advertisement for the recruitment of applicants for courses broadcasters. As a result, a friend of the casting has not passed, and the light - in parallel with studies at the Conservatory - six months to master the art work in front of the camera. So she got on TV, where he first led the nightly weather issues, and then became the music editor of the popular program "Name That Tune".

It was there and saw it in 2002, the organizers of the first "Star Academy", offering light of article administrator of the project. Looking ahead, we say that the future singer Zlataslava went through all the "Factory", except for the 7th, and the administrator of the rose in the Deputy music producer. It is at the "Factory" was held and historical familiarity with producer Victor Drobysh whose right hand Svetlana became for many years. Together they created a production center and raised artists whose names are now known all over the country - Stas Peha, fame, Zara and many others ...

That fellow artists and Svetlana persuaded to try his hand at the scene. After all the success she has it all: bright appearance, classical music education and a thorough knowledge of the law and behind the scenes of show business. In short, there was something that often happens in the life of each of us: one day you accidentally find yourself at the right time in the right place, and millions of roads converge at one point. Svetlana Stolpovskikh, changed his name to Zlataslavu, came on the scene.

Work with it both easy and difficult. Easy, because for her there is no aspect of the concert and musical life in which she did not understand. Difficult because professional throughout it requires the same high professionalism and the same sverhotdachi from their colleagues and musicians: "I had grown to the stage. I have something to say. I believe that a true artist - a guiding star for millions of viewers, and that the artist bears enormous responsibility for those who come after them! "