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While she was 4 years old she moved with his parents to Bulgaria, where her father worked. It was there that Julianna started practicing vocals and already 6 years held its first performance. After 8 years, she returned to her native Moscow, where he began to work on the vocals is serious. In 2005 Julianna becomes one of the winners of the contest, which was organized from girlish pop band YES !. The team managed to record 4 songs, and even released a video on one of them. Later, members of the band decided to go through the casting of the project "Star Factory", and only one Julian succeeded. The project was the vocalist Karaulova "Netsuke", which also acted Aksinya and Daria Verzhak Klyushnikova. In March 2011, he was invited to become a soloist of 5sta Family, succeeding singer Loew.