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Yaroslava was born on June 24 in the city of Donetsk region Shakhtersk. With 5 years engaged in ballroom and modern dance. She graduated from the School of Music in violin and piano. After high school, I entered the Donetsk School of Music in guitar (Department "Musical variety art"). During this period, began writing music and poetry. With 18 years of teaching guitar lessons. Graduated with honors from Donetsk State Musical Academy named SS Prokofiev (graduate guitarist and vocalist). In addition to music, received a law degree at the Faculty of Economics and Law Donetsk National University (specialty - "Law"). She has performed as a part of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Retro plus." During the tour activity met with the legendary Joseph Kobzon. In 2011, became the winner of the International Competition "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk.

In the spring of 2012 began a new stage in the creative life! The first single, and then the debut video Yaroslava "This Love" won a strong position in the charts of radio and television stations. Singer colleagues suggest that in many ways the success of the video "This Love" due to creative soprodyusirovaniem Yaroslava. At the end of the summer of 2012 at the famous Crimea Music Fest Yaroslav presented his song "Raindrops", which is specially for the festival chose Alla Pugacheva. In autumn 2012 actress went on tour in the cities of Ukraine and Russia with a concert program "take-off". In September 2012, music channels broadcast the premiere of the video "Raindrops", where Jaroslav again co-sponsored the script. In November 2012, the world saw another soul Yaroslava video work "Birthday."

In February 2013 the singer presented the song "Guardian Angel", designed in the style of classic pop-rock. This track was a new face Yaroslava creativity. In the early spring of 2013 the song "This Love" was recognized by popular hit. Proof of this was the participation Yaroslava in the popular television show of the country - "Evening quarter." On an evening in memory of Nicholas Brain 2013 Yaroslav made his very personal interpretation of the songs of the master - "Why." Lyrical song was first performed for the general public. The daughter of Ukrainian pop legend - famous producer Allen Brain - so imbued with creativity Yaroslava that for her dare to publish archival lyrics of his famous father. A touching song "Why" Yaroslav sang accompanied by the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. In April 2013, the radio actress presented its new lyrical hit, "My heart wants", which later gained a new form thanks to one of the best Ukrainian "electronics» - MaxCreative. Remix "My heart wants" was the first dance experiment in creative life Yaroslava, which was presented on the big stage during live-performances of the singer on the main square - Independence Square.

To date, Yaroslava the only actress in Ukraine, which has a unique collection of guitars.