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Jan Sintsov was born 22 June 1994 in Moscow. Mom: Sintsov Elena - musician. Dad: Oleg Sintsov - dentist, a musician, a snowboarder, a biker. My favorite younger sister Maria. Pronounced love and interest in music was evident from early childhood. Parents music lovers carefully planted girl musical taste, and no one doubted that life, Ian goes exactly in creative ways. At 4 years old, my mother takes her to a music school with choral bias, where Jan immediately becomes a soloist. The choir has toured throughout Europe, but her mother such prospects do not seem attractive. Being an excellent pianist, Mom decides to transfer to Jan in the music school with a strong piano, because I could not allow her daughter and she sang in the choir, even a soloist, but not owned classical piano at the proper level. In the future, this decision will be decisive in the formation of Jana as "musician" with a capital letter. To say that she was lucky with the teacher, do not say anything.

Ahead were 10 years of hard work, competitions, festivals and concerts. Ian was a real "star" of the school, and already in absentia, all the other s Conservatory or Gnesinka. However, only 14 years old Jana begins acutely aware that classical music career is not her dream. And it was not ever. This classic piano experience will always be an indispensable foundation and status. Ian begins to engage Academic vocals. At this time she started "breaking" vote. No hint of its presence, or voice, was not observed. The voice, artistry, love of singing, like, left in early childhood. And then, she decides to leave for the duration of employment vocals, and maybe not for a while, as the disappointment in itself was too strong. And of course, when she tried to explain that voice breaks absolutely everyone, she did not want to listen to, and youthful maximalism was just beginning to gain its momentum. A few months of calm, feeble attempts to pick up on hearing the music. My mother tried to awaken a musician there who can feel and hear the music of the soul. Perceiving almost any action with hostility, then no one could think that will happen very soon an unexpected breakthrough, both voice and wants to pick up the piano and guitar master.

Hoarseness passed, the voice began to "erupt" in his eyes. The whole family in the evening, they did not get out of Wikipedia and YouTube, hearing the great albums of Kate Bush, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, INXS, and many others (these performers most strongly affect all of its work in the future). Reading about the history of all the best of British and world music since the days of The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Doors. Falling in the works of great Rockers, she soaked them music "like a sponge", and one of the most important breakthroughs itself Ian thinks his piano cover - work in "Wuthering Heights," a song Kate Bush and «Goodbye Stranger» Supertramp. Video scored more than 8 thousand views on its YouTube.com channel., And received a lot of rave reviews listeners from Australia to Canada. At the same time, the pope gives her first guitar, and she begins to learn to play it, knocking down a clock in his hands calluses to achieve the goal. In September 2008, Yang started to practice again Academic vocals, along with the gradual unconscious "contamination" of rock music. All of a sudden, just a year of employment, it makes brilliant achievements and seriously set to enter the Gnessin School, at the end of 2009. Admission is given to her kind of easy, because the natural data are felt. Having passed the first phase of creative entrance examinations, she became one of 10 bidders (besides the youngest of all applicants) who have been selected from nearly 60 applicants. And right before the second round, Ian is very ill. And in the day listening can sing absolutely anything! Strike at the time seemed enormous, because Gnesinka was almost in his hands.