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Born Vladimir Presnyakov March 29, 1968 into a musical family and from the first days of life parents took him with me on tour. Vladimir Petrovich (the pope) was then the head of the band "What a guitar sing," and Elena Kobzev (female) - his soloist (1975 - soloists in the VIA "Gems"). In 4 years Volodya announced himself as a future pianist, having perfect pitch, rhythm and sense of artistry, smartly picking melodies on the piano, studied guitar and especially liked the drums. He was building himself a drum kit instead of plates hung on elastic bands on the cover pots and watches over them drums. At age 11, he wrote the first song to the 12 years sang in the choir of the church Yelokhovsky spiritual works of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff. And 13 have already appeared on stage in a concert of "Cruise", performing his own songs "Cat", "The Red Book", "Old Tale" and also sang a duet with the lead singer of Alexander Monin. While this group is on the list of prohibited, it has been recognized by the authorities as "anti-Soviet." The wave of popularity of the group presented to the audience the love and hate of the communist authorities, from which the musicians were ill-pressure and total information blockade, the group did not have any television broadcast. Volodya, who had lost his voice due to teenage mutation, composed music, drove behind the scenes on a skateboard with headphones in their ears, Karate and mastered breakdance. In competitions and festivals is firmly among the top three breakers Moscow. Soon the voice came back, in fact - there was a rare height and strength of falsetto. As they say, there was a blessing in disguise. He studied at the Choir School named Sveshnikov. After 8 class entered the school named after the October Revolution, on the conducting and choral department once the third year. At the same time, Lyme Vajkule invited Volodya in the variety show, and they played together in the "Continental" Hammerskogo complex in Moscow. The moment came when it was necessary to choose either to attend classes at the school, or to perform and record. Vladimir chose the latter. And in 1985 he was invited to sing in the film-tale "Over the Rainbow." The songs "Island" and "Zurbagan" become the hallmark of the new period, unaccustomed to hearing falsetto became immediately recognizable. The film was shot in Odessa film studio in Tallinn in the summer and autumn of 1985 and premiered on May 1, 1986. Vladimir Presnyakov also starred in the films "She's with a broom, he in a black hat" (1988), "The Island of Lost Ships" (1989). In the summer of 1986, 12 World Festival of Youth and Students performed a song with Jane Smith and Katya Lychev "In a peaceful program" and vocalize in the song "Hiroshima" at a gala concert in the "Goodwill Games". After the Soviet-Swedish project "Jacob's Ladder" (1987) Alla Pugacheva invites the actor in "The Song theater", where Vladimir Peresnyakov -ml. It runs until 1994. The first solo performance with its own program with a group of capital held September 8, 1988 in Tallinn. Most solo program "Farewell to Childhood" 14 -18 February 1990 gathered in the "Olympic" 100 thousand spectators, which was a testament to his immense popularity and the increasing evidence of creative skill. In May 1990, Vladimir per disc giant, "Dad, you yourself was so" was awarded the prize "Golden Key" as a singer whose records and tapes went to the world and in their own countries the largest circulations. Vladimir Presnyakov became the first Russian musician who received this World Music Awards. In 1995, the concert "The Castle of the rain" awarded "Star" and is recognized as the best show of the year. Achievements actor sometimes go beyond the musical creativity. In late 2002, he took part in the project "The Last Hero", where the winner. This has helped him a lot of love for extreme sports - scuba diving, skier, what actively associated with her son Nikita, who is a big fan of parkour. The main event of 2004 in the works of Vladimir became a solo concert in the Kremlin Palace "Back to the Future." In 2006, for the song "Airport" (a duet and L. Agutin) receives the "Golden Gramophone". Annually participates in music festivals "New Wave", "Song of the Year", "Christmas meetings" "The new children's Wave", "Christmas song of the year", "Slavic Bazaar" and charity, "No Drugs" (2011), "Stars on Sale "(2011)," Time of Hope "(2012), et al. In 2011, along with other stars of show business, sports and television in Russia and the United States, co-starred in the movie« A Merry Christmas », and in 2012 took part in the recording of the hymn" Sochi 2014". In 2011 he published the CD "Unreal love", and in 2012 - "To be part of your" together with Natalia Podolsk, Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum.