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Three Sisters

Vlad Darwin


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Vlad Darwin


Songs written by Vlad Darwin entered the repertoire of Natalia Mogilev, Tina Karol, Alyosha, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Max Barsky and other famous artists.

Education: Institute of International Relations of the KNU. TG Shevchenko

2008 - finalist of the project "Star Factory 2"

2009 - presentation of the first concert, the first single and debut video "Green Fairy"; Work on the album Natalia Mogilev

2010 - release of their debut album, "Way opened." Ukrainian tour

2011 - recorded a duet with the Ukrainian singer Alyosha the song "Ti naykrascha" (to grow. Version - "The Meaning of Life"), which brings its author awards: "Composer of the Year", "radio hit of the year" ("Crystal Microphone") Leadership in the annual consolidated radiochart country, Ukrainian record for download and airplay on radio stations

2012 - Vlad Darwin claimed in four categories at the first music award YUNA: "Best Composer", "best lyricist", "Duo of the Year" (with Alyosha) and the "Singer of the Year." The victory in the nomination "The duo of the year". Presentation of the concert "The Meaning of Life" and release self-titled album. The Messenger "Red Ribbon" of the UN.

2013 - Out of clips "Three Sisters," "Vіtrila" ("Unbroken") (feat. Dara); cooperation with Tina Karol (the song "Life Goes On"); Music Award nomination YUNA: "Best Composer", "best lyricist", "Artist of the Year".

2014 - Suspension of singing career. Creating and producing the new women's group in cooperation with MOON RECORDS and producer Andrey Pasichnyk.