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Vladasovich Vitaly Grachev was born February 19, 1979 in Daugavpils (Latvia). Soon his family moved to Odessa, where his grandfather lived. He graduated from the school number 60 in Odessa. For three years he studied at the School of Music accordion. He worked in the theater and plastic parody voice. As a child has mastered the movement of Michael Jackson.

I arrived after 9 classes in Moscow. Opera has released a clip number 2, worked at TV-6 met in Odessa with Sergey Pudovkin, who later became his producer. Solo musical career Vitas began in December 2000, its unusual style falsetto performance - high head register aroused public interest and brought popularity

. After the debut of Vitas on the Russian stage, many students, experts and music teachers have a question, what is the secret of his remarkable falsetto and how man can sing so high-pitched voice that sounds at Vitas in the song "Opera № 2". The public is also worried about why the actor does not sing in the chest register. Executive producer Sergey Pudovkin explained that extraordinary ability Vitas associated with a particular device throat. However, an assistant professor of singing the Moscow Pedagogical University Kirashvili Elena noticed that Vitas at low and medium sheet takes not so much singing as recitative. According to the expert, it is typical for artists who are not professionally involved in vocals.

In 2002, Vitas and Pudovkin at the request of "Mind Drugs" World League Council entered the league board of trustees and became its honorary members.

Benefit Vitas on Channel January 10, 2012 view, according to the newspaper Kommersant, more than 30% of the television audience, which was in the 2011-2012 season's most popular release show Andrey Malakhov "Let them talk».

According to data made in 2013, Vitas in his career several solo recitals and toured with them dozens of countries around the world. Also, the singer starred in "Mulan" (China production). The official fan club Vitas in China has more than 1 million people in Shanghai, a statue in his honor.

He sang duets with such singers as Nikolay Gnatyuk (song "Bird of Happiness"), Demis Roussos, Lucio Dalla and his grandfather on his father's AD Marantsmanom with which he sings the song "Friendship».

In 2003, against Vitas was a criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal sale of weapons). Then, according to the prosecutor, the case for Grachev was closed due to his active repentance.

Vitas is a citizen of Ukraine, registered in the community in Odessa.