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«Vintage» - Russian pop group composed of singer Anna Pletnev and singer, composer and sound producer Alexei Romanov. Previously, the team included the dancer Mia (2006-2008) and Svetlana Ivanova (2008-2011).

Since its inception, the group has published five albums: "Love Crime», SEX, «Anya», «Very Dance» and «Decamerone». The band also released a radio single 21, seven of which are headed by Russian radiochart, peaked at number 1 spot, a total of 23 weeks. "Vintage" which is rotated group becomes the most since the introduction of the Russian radio charts. For two consecutive years the group gets the five most rotated Artist of the Year, and in 2009 ranked first. The team was a commercial success with the singles "Bad Girl," "Loneliness of Love", "Eve", "novel", "Trees" and "Aquarius" who have become successful in the field of digital sales.

The musical style of the band began to Europop, mixed with various styles of music (electronic, dance-pop, psychedelic pop, and so on. D.), Which brings elements from both classical music and of the images of Russian and foreign popular culture, inspired by Madonna Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Eva Polna and Enigma.

The Group is the recipient and nominee of various music awards, including «RMA», Muz-TV, "Golden Gramophone" award RU.TV and "Steppenwolf". Since 2008, the "Vintage" are the winners of the annual festival "Song of the Year." In 2011, 2012 and in 2013 was recognized as the best team in the award «ZD Awards», according to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets».

Group "Vintage" was formed by ex-soloist of group "Lyceum" Anna Pletnev and former lead singer of "Amega" Alexei Romanov in mid-2006. The history of the group of soloists from the mouth goes something like this: Anna hurried to an important meeting, but her plans went awry. She collided with a car Alexei Romanov. While the actors were waiting for the traffic inspectors, they took the decision to establish mutual pop band.

According to Alexei Romanov, after a meeting with Pletnev, the group worked for six months in the studio, trying to find their own sound: "We really locked in the studio. Six months sat in search of sound. We did not understand. We were, like blind kittens were. Now, of course, cool to think about it. We then make our own new story, which had no relation to previous projects. " Initially, it was decided to call the team "Chelsea", but then was chosen the name "Vintage". Alex said that while the group has submitted a request to the London law firm, which owns the brand "Chelsea", but after a while you saw on TV, like Sergei Arkhipov awarded a diploma of the same name from the group of "American Idol." Anna Pletnev as told in an interview: "We even negotiated with the British record company about this. They considered our proposal. But then there was confusion. Head of the well-known media group, acquired the right to the name, presented a diploma called "Chelsea" now famous "Chelsea" graduates "American Idol" ».

August 31, 2006 announced the formal establishment of the group and its name. It was also reported that the team makes a video for the first single, "Mamma mia" and they are ready to two-thirds of their debut album, the record which was held at the studio of Eugene Kuritsyna. He was later released on the group's second single - the song "Aim", which rose to 18 lines of the Russian radio charts.

In late August 2007, the band embarked on shooting a video for the song "Have a nice day." The single appeared on the radio in September and reached the 14 position in the chart. In August and September, the group held a small promotional tour in Moscow and the Moscow region, in which gave a few concerts in the clubs, and spoke at a beach party hosted by the radio station "Europe Plus».

November 22 released their first studio album, "Love Crime". Presentation of the disc was held on November 27 in Moscow, the club «Opera». Circulation disc was sold out completely, and in the end the album was ranked 13th in the catalog «Sony Music» sales for 2005-2009. According to Alexei Romanov has sold 100,000 copies of the album. In October, "Vintage" is sent to the promo tour to support the album, were given several concerts in Moscow clubs, as well as held-TV shooting performance in Kiev, the Ukrainian "Star Factory».

April 7, 2008 are shooting video for the new song of the "bad girl", a duet with actress Helen Korikovoy. April 19 clip appeared on the music channels of Russia, and April 21 there was a presentation of the clip in the club «The Most». June 12 single, took 3rd place in TopHit 100 is - the only official Russian radio charts, the song became the most successful single of the band. Later, "Bad Girl" ranked first, hold on there for 2 weeks. The video for the song beginning to rotate and on television, and eventually began to grow Rating Group.

August 29 group represents a new song "Loneliness of Love" on his official blog. September 1 song gets airplay in. September 26 there was a presentation of the clip, in which the role played Friend pop groups, such as the famous transvestite diva Zaza Napoli and radio Dima Garanzhin. The song became the second team success, reaching the first position in the charts and stayed on it for two weeks.

In October, the group was a change. Mia Goes member team, and in its place comes Svetlana Ivanova. Also re-released the album "Love Crime" with the new track "bad girl." On October 29, the band won in the special category "Sex" on MTV Russia Music Awards 2008, success is caused due to sexually explicit video for the song "Bad Girl," which became one of the most rotated on Russian music channels in 2008.

In February 2009, the band went on tour, visiting cities such as Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Riga, Minsk, Samara and Kaliningrad. March 15 group is the new video for the song "Eve." The single "Eva" was dedicated to the singer Eva Polna from "Visitors from the future", and in the song used a sample from the song "Run to me" this group. Alexey Romanov said that the inspiration for the composition served as Madonna's song «Hung Up», based on a sample from the song of ABBA. "I was incredibly inspired by the work of the Madonna ... ... It made me think about whether there is a song in Russian, on the basis of which it would be possible to create the newest works, and that could stir up old emotions, and give the new", - says the musician. In the magazine "Billboard", describing the song "Run to me" as "a brilliant song dislike with highly refined sound", said: "It is characteristic that perhaps the most successful Russian pop song of the 2000s -" Eve "of the" Vintage "- built entirely on dialogue with the first hit" Visitors from the future "." The single became the most successful during the existence of the group, heading the Russian radiochart 9 weeks. The composition also has become the Russian-language song which is rotated for 2009. "Eve" was nominated for an Independent Music Award Artemy Troitsky "Steppenwolf 2010" in the category "Song", along with the works of Noize MC, «SBPCH" and Sevara Nazarkhan and was nominated for the award Muz-TV 2010 in the category of "best song. " The group presented the song to the public on February 14 in Moscow, as part of the concert, Big Love Show.

March 27 "Vintage" was the title «Fashion-Group of the Year" award at the annual World Fashion Awards. In April, the band went on tour in Germany, visiting nine cities. In May and June held a tour of Russia. The group visited many cities.

August 31, 2009 released the fourth single from the forthcoming album - "Girls lunatics." The song has a social connotation, and the video has become one of the most controversial group. The song reached the 14 lines in the Russian radio charts, breaking a string of singles № 1.

Work on the second studio album was almost finished in March 2009. Alexey Romanov said in an interview that will be included in the record borrowing from classical music, and the album will begin an overture from the opera "Eugene Onegin" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Also member of the team said that the group has stopped relations with major label Sony Music. "Released [album] will depend on the record majors. That company, which was engaged in the release of our first album, we are not satisfied ... ... We do not want a repetition of the situation that has developed with the first album, which is manufactured by Sony BMG. They printed a hundred thousand copies have sold them - and all. Because of this, today you can not buy it, "- explained Alexey [24]. As a result, the contract was signed with the label Gala Records. 1 October they released their second album SEX. Despite the success of the individual songs, the new studio album is not "fired", debuting in 12th place in the Russian album chart what was for him the highest position in the rankings.

In 2010, the single «Victoria» gets to the first line of the Russian radio charts. Thanks to him, "Vintage" are one of the few artists whose songs topped radiochart more than 3 times. It is also one of the few songs in Russian, having achieved success with live-clip without his hot rotation.

April 16 Live Love Radio introduced a new musical composition - "Mickey" dedicated to Michael Jackson.

Group shot two versions of the video for this song - Russian and English. Presentation of the video took place with the full house in the Moscow club "Leningrad". Despite the fact that the song did not achieve the success of the previous track, the clip on it has been popular on the Internet and has become one of the most discussed. The English version of the video was rotated on music channels in Eastern European countries, which has become more popular than in Russia. In June the band was nominated in several categories at the Muz-TV 2010: "Best Group", "Best Album» (SEX) and "Best Song" ("Eve"), but in the end did not get any awards, although critics predicted victory group in all categories. In August, the band played at the international music festival "Meeting place: Latitude 54", held in the Ryazan region.

September 13 radio stations a new single - "Roman", which is 6 weeks after the premiere rises to third place radio charts, and the song shoot a video. The shooting took place in the Moscow club "Soho rsmc" for 18 hours without a break. Originally, the song was to be performed by a trio with two famous singers, but later the group rejected the idea.

In 2010, the band played at such international awards and concerts as "Song of the Year" and "Muz-TV", as well as a 20-ke the best songs of the 2010 version of the popular program "Prozhektorperiskhilton." The group also performs for the first time in the Belarusian television, in concert "Belarus is open to the world." "Vintage" took eighth place in the user voting online NewsMusic.ru, in the category "Best Group of 2010", gaining 3119 votes.

In January, it was reported that the band is going to release their third studio album "Anya" in August 2011, and on October 15 plans to perform in Moscow with a great solo concert-presentation of the disc "The history of a bad girl." February 18, 2011 the band released another single, "Mama America". March 22 the group was declared among the nominees for Muz-TV 2011 in the category "Best Pop Group". August 15, 2011 the group presented the video for the song "Boy", which took off their fans.

August 21 group and the fifth anniversary of the birthday of the soloist was released song "Trees". In late August, the song was filmed a video clip, however, September 22, it became known that the release of the video is delayed due to the fact that he was subjected to censorship. As stated, the officials want to ban video due to the fact that in the teaser video Anna Pletnev "in the crown of thorns with the approval of acts of copulation is watching" and that "injures the consciousness of the younger generation." In response, the singer of the group said: "We just wanted to say that the important thing in the world - this is love. She awakens in our hearts the best and does not allow to destroy humanity itself. But, unfortunately, there were people who saw this aiding totalitarian sects. Censorship is always thinking stereotypes. I assure you, we are far from the Illuminati and global conspiracies. " August 26, it was reported that due to the prohibition of the video, the song was removed from rotation on the radio. The press service of the group said that "with the rotation of the song" Trees "had to be removed because it is perceived without the clip in another." September 14 Alexey Romanov commented on the situation, saying that "the" trees "are postponed, due to circumstances beyond our control. I think if everything goes well, it will be in February 2012. " He added that the new single should be the song "Stereo". However, after the release of the video, the composition has been released into the rotation 10 October 2011. In late September and early October release passed both digital and CD-version of the new album, and on 9 October, a group of autograph session in Moscow, dedicated to the release.

At the end of December 2011 the magazine "Billboard" an editorial published its list of the most vivid and memorable Russian pop hits of the last 20 years, which included the song "Eve." According to voting results Prize «ZD Awards 2011", the group has won one of the nominations announced (they were also nominated in the category "Pop Project"). "Vintage" won in the category "Band of the Year».

February 17, 2012 the band released a new single, "Moscow", recorded with DJ Smash. The duo became the first presentation of works from the new project group called "Vintage Very Dance». Alexey Romanov said he was not going to write his own songs for this album; it will include the composition of guest DJs and other young authors. "You can call it an experiment, you can - flirting with the club public. I'm not even going to argue with this definition. It is no secret that the majority of the concerts are now corporate, but we hope that this project will become closer to the people, at least to the clubbers ", - said the musician. In addition to presenting songs were announced duets with Roma Kenga and DJ Groove. According to Anna Pletnev collaboration with DJ Smash it began after its clone on Twitter agreed to issue a joint track.

Several songs of the collective soundtrack to the TV series "A short course of a happy life", shot director Valeria Gai Germanicus, and preparing for the show on the First Channel. March 26 it became known that "Vintage" are nominated in three categories - "Best Pop Group" and "Best Album" ("Anya") and "Best Video" ("Tree") - on Muz-TV 2012. June 1, it became known that a group of "Vintage" won in the category "Best Pop Group". In May, the band released a new single "Nana", produced by DJ Bobina.

In September, Anna Pletnev performed the song "Let me go" together with a group of Knockin 'on Heaven, which became the band debut single. "Vintage" made by producer groups, whose members - Otto Notman - once wrote a song for them "Moscow". September 29 was held "Second TV Music Award RU.TV», where the "Vintage" were presented in three categories - "Best Group", "Best Dance Track" and "Best music video." "Vintage" won in the category "Best music video" for the song "Trees". In late October, it was presented a video for the new single "Dance for the last time", recorded together with Roma Kenga. On November 4, the air «Love Radio» introduced a new single, "Fresh Water", recorded together with ChingKong, clip-on which was released on Dec. 21, 2012. At the award ZD Awards 2012 "Vintage" for the second consecutive year, received the award for the "Group of the Year", "in its genre Anna Pletnev and Co. reached a virtuoso perfection without losing neither courage nor hits, no desire for novelty and lively creative ideas", - We celebrated the success of the team in "Moskovsky Komsomolets».

April 12, 2013 was released the fourth studio album Very Dance. May 25 in the concert hall «Crocus City Hall», the third annual award ceremony for a national television channel Russian Music Awards RU.TV, where a group of "Vintage" won in the category "Best Group". June 7 in SC "Olympic" awarding ceremony of the XI Annual TV award Muz-TV 2013 in which the group won in the category "Best Video" for video for the song "Moscow" (with DJ Smash).

April 17, 2013 released a new single, "Aquarius" with the planned fifth album, whose working title «Decamerone». April 22 last shooting the video for this song, which was directed by Sergei Tkachenko, and its premiere took place on May 21 at the internet video channel «ELLO».

On October 7, the official group of "Vintage" in the social network "VKontakte" was presented a new song called "Three Wishes", authored by the young composer Anton Koch and Alexei Romanov. September 17 took place shooting on this song, the director was also the Ukrainian music video director Sergey Tkachenko. The premiere of the video "Three Wishes" was held on November 15 at the channel Ello.

March 16th, 2014 in the online iTunes store, the release of two collections of groups - "Mickey. Alternative »and« Light ». It is reported that on the disc «Light» collected slow, melodic compositions, which, according to the team of musicians, unfairly lost against the background of dance hits of the group. As recognized Anna Pletnev and Alexei Romanov, these compositions never enough time, although their thoughtful and profound lyrics. Among these soft, slow songs have known tracks "Fresh Water" and "Eve" in slow versions, as well as a brand new song "30 seconds". The song was written by Alexander Kovalev, made the arrangement for the song Alexei Romanof and Tim Rocks. The second collection, "Mickey. Alternative "includes tracks that, for one reason or another, not widely rotation on radio stations. This compilation of the participants of the "vintage" attributed to the fact that due to their "non-format" some tracks could not get on the radio, but the musicians have always wanted to show their audience. Also, as in the book «Light», the group added a new song «Boys» and an acoustic version of the song "Mickey».

April 21, 2014 in the official group of "Vintage" in "VKontakte was presented to the third single group from the forthcoming album« Decamerone »-« When next you. "The song was written by Alexander Kovalev and Anton Koch, the arrangement for the song did Alex Romanof. May 31, 2014 It was held on the fourth music awards channel RU.TV, where "Vintage" won in the nomination "Best dance video" - "sign of Aquarius." July 22, 2014 took place the digital release of their fifth studio album - «Decamerone» in iTunes. On the first day after the release of «Decamerone» won the 1st place in sales in the chart "Top albums» iTunes and Google Play. November 8, 2014 the album was released on CD. According to the portal «tophit.ru», «Vintage" is the most which is rotated Russian-speaking group over the past 10 years, the total amount of a group of more than 5 million airplay on radio stations in Russia and the CIS. November 19, a second "real Prize MUSIC BOX» in 2014, the band was presented in the categories "Best Band" and "Best Album" (" Decamerone »), Vintage won in the category" Best Group ».

At the end of January 2015 Alexey Romanov posted a photo with a list of songs to the upcoming album «Veni Vidi Vici» and containing 13 songs, one of which, "Breathe", was presented to the group the label «Velvet Music» January 23 soc. network VKontakte. March 10 premiere of the video for the song "Breathe." June 10, it became known that the group won the award «Fashion People Awards» in the category «Fashion-group." August 21, the premiere of the new single group called "I Believe in Love", the song was recorded with DJ MEG. On the first day of the release of the single was on the 2nd place in the iTunes Russia.