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Her father - a famous conductor and composer Eduard Dyadyura who has worked with many famous bands, symphony orchestras, opera and ballet theaters around the world, he writes songs for VIA-Lett. The first significant debut on stage was Gosudarstvennyom Kremlin Palace with Nikolai Baskov! Brave little princess was not afraid to go out on the big stage! Of course she did not yet understand where we are, but apparently this event gave the direction of this little girl to more creativity.

She graduated from music school, class of shock, she decided to devote himself to music and entered the GMPI them. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Her mother, Eleanor Dyadyura-screenwriter, songwriter Violetta and her dad -Eduard Dyadyura from early childhood instilled a love for the daughter of culture, music, art, taste, creativity in general.

Despite his young age, when VIA-Lette was just 16 years, the singer is popular among Internet users - her debut music video "My girlfriend crocodile" scored for three months more than 1 million. Views on YouTube. Clip published at the beginning of September 2013 channel ELLO, known for his support novice artists. Bright song, not devoid of self-irony, attracted listeners light humor and a catchy melody. For song and music video "My girlfriend crocodile" news came: "First Love" and "New Year", "Kanchita." "Summer" -duet with Russian pop singer Pierre Narcisse, "Move-O-sing!" Which are so wide popularity! Clips for the songs placed so as to ELLO!

VIA-Lette certainly can not wait to perform more and more songs to the music of his dad, but all the time ...

More recently, VIA-Letta recorded several great songs, "Dream of Love," Midnight Jazz "," Come back to me ...! "- A duet with Igor Sharov," half "," Where to start? "" You're gone forever ""Fizruk" - a duet with Stepan Menshchikova, "I love you" - the song in English, "Flight of love!". And the lyrics for the songs "Fizruk", "You're gone forever", "I love you!" - Writes itself already VIA-Letta! By the end of 2014 is preparing the release solo album! That's what she said VIA-Letta about himself: "My position in life: It is important that your music was filled with love for her, then she will capture not only you, but everyone else ...

I was born in an artistic family. My dad, conductor and composer. Therefore, since my childhood I was in the music world. Every song, every riff that really deserve my attention, simply get lost in the volume of music that I miss through itself. From time to time I still go back to the familiar melodies that were heard me from childhood that I remember by heart, which I will get to know, despite the presence of hundreds of similar. Only seven notes, and just a sea of music, and sometimes I wonder how people still manage to come up with something new. Those tunes are rhythms that may have been invented long ago, somewhere far away someone unknown, is now open for something new. But the new is just to develop, and in any case not to brake. With each decade there are fewer people who can be considered geniuses who really made something of themselves in the world of music and made it so that the world loved it, of people that will be remembered after 20, 30, 50, 100 years. But there is always someone who will move the musical progress. And I believe that even in the seemingly dead genre can always bring something new. The main thing that it was beautiful and did not get. Very close to me like that kind of music of our time, like composer Nino Rota, Paul Mauriat, Rybnikov, Raimond Pauls, Maxim Fadeev, Igor steep, Konstantin Meladze, and of course my dad Edward Diadiura. I like the work of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Silin Dion. I like to listen to classical music. I have no particular favorite destinations in music - I listen to everything. It is important that the music was decent. "