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She was born March 3, 1985 in Krivoy Rog in a large family, the sixth child in a row. His father, an Armenian, was an engineer and her mother, Marika, a seamstress. Father gave the newborn daughter of the ancient Armenian name in honor of his mother Vardanush. Mother, master of sports acrobatics, gave 7-year-old Ward in the circus studio "Arena". Later, Ward started to sing in the ensemble of "silver bells" playing theater studio "Harlequin».

Ward received two degrees: the director and stage mass events (in Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts) and the manager of physical training coach.

Singer Sergei Zverev offers VARDA singer to record a duet of the song "People are angels," and in February 2011 the artists released in theaters in Russia and Ukraine video clip, and then they shot for the cover of men's magazine XXL. Their scandalous photo shoot became a contender for the best photo session, the XXL magazine in Russia and Ukraine. The next stage of creation becomes co Vitaly Kozlovsky. The duet was recorded first video "Do not leave me" in Russian and Armenian languages. Videos presented both in Ukraine and Armenia. In 2012, the pair has recorded another joint summer dance track "Dance" and the video for it. At this time, Ward has acted not only as a performer but also as a writer-composer of words and music.

In 2012, VARDA became a party to major international music project. This collaboration brought together artists of Armenian descent living in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, the United States and other parts of the world. VARDA with Dmitriy Kharatyan, Zara, Alexey Chumakov, Eva Rivas recorded a patriotic song called "Armenia" and took her video. With Ukraine VARDA was the only guest artist, who had the honor to be involved in a project of great importance for the Armenian nation.

VARDA now preparing to release his first solo album "Follow the dream."