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He was born December 18, 1987 in the city of Barnaul.

When Vanya was 3 years old, his mother left a successful business and devoted himself entirely to the education of the restless son. The first steps on the stage talented boy did in the children's collective Shaw Theatre song "Caprice" by Elena Shcherbakova, which later became the author of all his children's songs and creative mother. As early as 4 years old Ivan received his first Grand Prix at the contest in Nizhny Tagil, a major victory came to him in 1993. That's when it becomes a winner of the "Morning Star" and comes to him first in popularity. In 1997, Ivan met with the poet, a member of the Writers' Union of Moscow Larissa Rubalskoy which introduces the artist with Moscow backstage. She invites Vanya numerous performances and, subsequently, acting as a protege on television projects.

In 2000, Ivan met with Alla Pugacheva. It takes place in Vitebsk on competition "Slavic Bazaar", where Alla was the Chairman of the jury for the adult performers and Vanya was appointed Chairman of the jury of children's competition.

The next 4 years Vanya practically ceases to study music and is interested in sports. Is in perpetual motion, from a variety of sports, he chooses a basketball simultaneously engaged in water tourism, floated on mountain rivers on rafts and canoes, and also snowboarding. The sports camps Vanya was put in charge of the music, where he first began to play the guitar. Then Vanya finally realized that his life without music is not possible, you have to continue to move forward and get back on stage.

In 2005, after graduating from secondary school №25 Barnaul, Ivan enters the Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts at the Theatre Faculty (Department of Directing and acting). In between rehearsals and study, he plays the piano, remember the chords and the knowledge gained in the School of Music. Then Ivan began composing his first songs, which subsequently performs in nightclubs native Barnaul, while working in leading them.

In 2007, Ivan passes the casting of the TV project "STS lights Superstar". He ran past the queue to audition contestants, performing on stage at the output of the jars and flip it "doprygalsya" to the finals of the TV project. Throughout the contest for the young and energetic man to follow and support vocal coach Savitskaya Nina. CTC did Van gift - teaching at Moscow State University at the Faculty of Arts, where Nina is the artistic director of the course. On his twentieth birthday, with a suitcase in his hand and the translation of the Altai Academy, Ivan went to Nina Alexeyevna, which sheltered him in his apartment until he got a place in a hostel.

Vanya writing songs, doing choreography, acting, attending social events, making friends with artists and representatives of the Moscow show business. Within a month of its author's song included in its repertoire Artist Pavel Sokolov. Immediately after that, the Moscow public and other recognized his talent: Ivan acted as lead director of the birth of the "CCC lights Superstar" Lina Arifulin and some time later he was invited to spend the day birth of a son of the President of the Russian Federation Ilya Medvedev. In 2009, in Pskov in the competition "Wind of Hope" for the performance of the song "The Heart" receives a special prize Vanya and blessings of Alla Pugacheva.

In 2011, the song "Heart" is the first single Wani, who has successfully broadcasted on the air of popular radio stations of the country. Immediately removed the clip, which manufacturer is the company «HOODYAKOV production», headed by director Pavel Khudyakov.

In 2012 he published the EP «soul and dance music».

In 2013, Ivan starts to work with the record company «Navigator Records».

In 2014:
- It becomes a finalist for the All-Russian music competition "Five stars».
- The festival-contest of vocalists «EMPORIO MUSIC FEST», Ivan gets a special prize from the main media partner - "Selecting the Muz-TV».
- Release of the single "Heaven bestow," which for a couple of days gets the TOP10 most downloaded songs Site www.zaycev.net. - Member of the third season of the "VOICE" on the First Channel.
- Goes live video for the song "Heaven bestow»
- Release of the single "Girls»
In 2015:
- Participant of the "Main Stage" on Russia channel.
- Participant «BIG LOVE SHOW 2015" in the UK Olympic.
- Out video for the song "Girl».