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White Birds

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I liked you

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Free flight

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Do not lose me

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Stay with me

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No Rush

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Salute, Vera

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Turn around

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Valery Meladze


Valery Meladze - one of those rare artists who, at first glance, do not need a press release. During the ten years of his creative activity audience accustomed to the image of "The Last Romantic", created by journalists. "Once we have named one of our albums - says Valery. - Romance while there are very few, and then came a normal man with normal orientation and normal attitude to life. So this definition has stuck to me. Since then, I have repeatedly changed its image - has been a sharp, aggressive, there were very tough song. But journalists somehow did not notice it - everywhere there again headlines about "The Last Romantic". 

"Do not cave in under the changing world, it's better he will sag under us" - these words of Andrei Makarevich very accurately reflect the credo of Valery Meladze, celebrating in 2005 the 10th anniversary of his solo career. Seven successful albums, more than twenty videos, thousands of concerts in Russia and abroad - more than a solid track record for any artist. Meladze - the owner of almost all domestic music awards, including the annual music award Muz TV (2004). In "Best Performer" and "Best Duet" and MTV Russia Music Awards 2004 in the category "Best Song". By such recognition singer is reserved. "All this is certainly nice, but it is only transient, bystryy- says Valery Meladze. - Many artists are willing to do anything for these figurines, thinking that they will replace their love of the public, but it is only an illusion."

Valery Meladze opposes aristocratic elegance fashionable glamor, light romanticism fake tears, good taste rollicking popevki. All songs performed them, the singer wrote to his brother the composers and producer Konstantin Meladze. In each composition, born tandem brothers incorporated a number of hidden layers and nuances arranger. At the same time they do not stick out music "podkovannost" outward as it is common to many muzykantam- "techies." We can say that in the mid-90s they continued and developed the tradition of VIA 70, to create popular hits with interesting, for original arrangements, weaving jazz and art rock songs, which later became the all-nation hits.

Imagine that while Russian R'n'B, barely reached puberty, lagging behind the musical baggage, 40-year-old singer performs the song, which combines European funk's Style Simply Red and raspevno Slavic folk motifs. Brad? Possible. But be that as it may, the joint work of Valery Meladze and the trio "VIA Gra" "Ocean and three rivers" a few months did not leave the top of various charts, conquered the capital as the public and residents of the provinces.

Such progressive arrangements often led to a standstill even sharks show business, which casts doubt on the commercial success of this approach to a popular song. However, with each new hit these fluctuations were followed by trust professionalism, taste and instinct brothers Meladze. Interesting fact: in times of crisis 98-99 years when the prevailing model of show business was a colossus with feet of clay, almost destroyed by the tsunami piracy, Valery Meladze released two successful albums: "Samba of white moth" (1998.) And "all was well "(1999). Largely due to these releases, managed to stay afloat release their record companies.

On stage and in the life of Valery Meladze - a real man, romantic, energetic and intelligent at the same time that the vast majority of artists who are trying to put on a mask «infant terrible pop scene" simply incomprehensible. How can I become famous scandals that loves the yellow press? Meladze each his song proves that the Russian public is much smarter and more discriminating than accustomed to thinking of some producers in the "race primitivism" of popular music.

The singer does not like to share their plans. While the new project is not fully mature, will know about it only a narrow, literally family circle artist. Being out of a massive PR music, he was for ten years a solo career manages to combine the stability and freshness of creativity. Meladze is not afraid to experiment and unexpected steps, so each of his next step is intriguing and is a genuine public interest.

"In Russia, there is no concept of pop music, we have a" pop "- says Valery Meladze. - I do not do pop - a Base, phonogram music. We played at one time a very serious art-rock with a group of "Dialogue", and I'm still proud of this work. The music that we're doing now is a very difficult and interesting. But the main thing that has changed over the 10 years - I began to perceive not as popular person often glimpsed on TV, but as an artist, as a human being. I feel that my listeners began to believe me. "