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In 2010, Valentin takes part in the online contest "Star VKontakte", and for the preparation of high quality material, Valentin decided to brave step - Apartment for sale, to record an album and take your first clip. And no wonder: the talent and tenacity of the young singer were seen. Valentin wins the contest and become a regular guest of all major holiday concerts in St. Petersburg in recent years. So in 2011 he appears at first duet with Larisa Dolina, and then a duet with singer Zara, Zara and then she called him "St. Petersburg Kobzon," and in 2012 opened an annual celebration of Valentine graduates "Scarlet Sails" on Palace Square eponymous song "Scarlet Sails ".

The summer of 2012 beginning of cooperation with well-known Russian DJ Alexei Tsvetkov brought Valentine to a new creative level: recorded the song "Forever" Moscow young composer Oleg (Mayo) Vlady (author hits Anita Tsoi, Lolita, Nikolai Baskov, Mitya Fomin et al.), and the video for this song took off one of the best Russian directors - Alexander Igudin, best known for his work with the first echelon of the Russian platform, such as Alla Pugacheva, Nikolay Baskov, Valeria and many others. As a result of this collaboration song "Forever" was in hot rotation Russian Radio (Ukraine), Radio Metro (St. Petersburg), Radio Hut; a clip on Muz-TV, BIZ-TV (Ukraine), MUSICBOX (Russia).

In May 2013th Valentin launches new song - "God be with you", which was written specifically for Valentine's famous composer and arranger born in Estonia Andrei Pokutny the words Anastasia Martynova. Strong vocals Valentine, backed by modern dance arrangement makes women's hearts beat more often from the very first notes. Presentation of the song went on Muz-TV program "Party Zone" on the 19th of May.