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Timur Rodriguez was born in Penza. Tireless, multifaceted and always different singer and entertainer on stage since early childhood. In school and college years, Timur took part in all the theater, but most of all the young talent gravitated to musical numbers.

Arriving in the capital, he closely with channels in various projects, but because it is the conquest of musical Olympus stood at the forefront, in 2008 Timur decided to come to grips with the music. Friendship with the TV, so just a little bit delayed the realization of the dream. Today Timur Rodriguez claimed the singer and showman.

In February 2009, Timur Rodriguez presented to the public his solo song "Listen to your body." The vibrant dance composition immediately hit the rotation Moscow radio stations. In summer 2009, Timur recorded a song duet with Ukrainian pop diva Ani Lorak, and the fall of the video "Passion" appeared in the air all the music channels of Russia and Ukraine. In autumn 2010 the country appeared on TV's first solo clip of Timur the song "About You." The video was released in two versions: a frank broadcast on the Internet, and more restrained - on television. Soon Rodriguez recorded the hit "Tell me." The biggest surprise for fans of Rodriguez became a summer dance track "Out of the space" created in collaboration with Red Max. The grand premiere of the clip took place in July 2011. A Rodriguez presented to the public in the autumn song "Better not be." This is a real love story, told in the third person, a non-trivial romance. In each of his videos Timur Rodriguez appears in a completely new for themselves and image viewer.

In 2012, together with DJ Smash took a summer clip onto the dance song "Jump".

In the same year came a clip on another English-language hit Timur Rodrigeza- "Welcome to the night".

In 2013 he was presented the video for "I believe in your love" dancing on the roofs of moving vehicles. The video was filmed without stunt doubles, stunt and chromakeying. All the actions in the video is absolutely real.

In the spring 2013th Timur Rodriguez gave his first solo concert with his album "About you", brought together about a thousand fans in one of the capital's clubs.

In 2014 he recorded the soundtrack to the film "Mama 3", which a few months later was shot clip.

In May of that year, was presented a mini-movie for the song "Pieces of Memory", where starring popular actress Svetlana Khodchenkova.

In 2015 he became the first pop artist who was able to get the right to host the show concert in the historic walls of the theater named Mary Yermolova. The concert was a full house, among the many guests present himself head of the theater Oleg Menshikov.Takzhe as part of the concert was presented the first work of director Timur Rodrigeza- short film of the same name of the concert "New World", starring Svetlana who directed Hodchenkova and Constantine Habensky. After just a few months Timur Rodriguez, under the leadership of director Alexander Igudin, took a highly professional dance video for the song "Stop".

In the fall of 2015 Timur forthcoming second solo album.