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<p> In 2005, Tim. Big Family Timur created, which is the undisputed headliner of the group. Today, their songs are in rotation on radio stations and heard in the highest-rated programs on music channels. Their videos have high budgets and the quality of the picture. Tim. Big Family participated in the soundtracks of TV series and feature films: "Love is not show business" ("Muz"), "Club» («MTV»), «The Savages," "Cinderella 4x4" ..


Tim. Big Family - welcome guests in the best night clubs of Moscow and many other cities in the world. Stage show project with the best DJs, dancers and MC can blow up any dance floor. A noisy Tim. Big Party has left no one indifferent.


In addition, Timur has created his own independent music label Tim. Big Unit, which deals with the promotion and support of novice artists. Studio project Tim. Big Records quickly became popular among musicians as one of the best record companies.


In 2007, Tim. Big Family have completed work on their debut album in Russian "A glamorous hip-hop." In the new blockbuster project 16 hits and 5 tracks of video clips. Also, in many joint album tracks with artists such as Luciana, Miguel VR, Knara, Master Spensor, ST, Max Lawrence and many others.


Participants of the project Tim. Big Family for its achievements prove once again that only the confidence, commitment and professionalism can lead to the goal. Tim. Big Family continue to promote hip-hop culture to the masses, and you do not just hear about this project.


A third studio album, "Clear Skies" was released in the summer of 2011 the company "Quadro-Disc".

Recorded plates attended Luciana, Alee, UNC, Grey, Tori Joy and many other rappers. Noteworthy is the fact that the presentation of this album himself was present Xzibit, who famously danced to the songs of Tim Big Family. </ P>