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The history of the group can be called in 1998, when in St. Petersburg on the ruins of noise-industrial project acquainted explorer and experimentalist Alexander Starostin, acting under the pseudonym Fyodor swine and thoughtful and beautiful Yana Veva - future vocalist of the project. After a successful joint concert at the Gallery of Experimental Sound in 1999, the band decided to change their name to the more sonorous - Theodor Bastard. In English, «Bastard» means not only "illegitimate," but - "hybrid", "mix", "blend", which perfectly reflects the essence of the creative method of the group. The ideologist of the project Fedor Bastard particularly stresses that this approach is close to polystylistics in which elements of different genres harmoniously with each other, giving rise to a new musical overtones. This idea is the basis for the musical paradigm Theodor Bastard.

Live performances of the group, inspired by the rites of some Polynesian tribes, being passed through the prism of industrial futurism, deserve special comment. Theodor Bastard members go on stage in a strange-looking masks and helmets. Along with the traditional instruments sound plates from glyantsevatelya, door springs and old game consoles.

Fragments of live experiments are reflected in the live compilation, unpretentious called «Live In Heaven». By "heaven" in this context refers to the psychedelic experience of some members of the group and the first impressions of the trip Fedor the Arctic Circle, with the archaeological expedition.

In 1999, as a reminder of noise-industrial youth, Fyodor Bastard released the album «Agorafobia», in which several tracks through the noise, you can hear the voice of Jana Vevy. «Agorafobia» - a tribute to the past experimental project. The music soundtrack times recalls the sad mystical thriller. Fedor says that the album dedicated youth departed friends and some memories of their own childhood, which took place in a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of the metropolis.

Starting with zero years Yana Vevy role in the work of the team is greatly increased at the same time starting to change the music. Sound Theodor Bastard filled with oriental motifs and European gothic. The team is moving away from the world of noise experiments in the direction of trip-hop and ethnic music.

One of the first full records Jana Vevy vocal version of the song becomes a «Satellite», Theodor Bastard recorded in 2001 for the American label «Invisible records». This track is well characterized by an innovative approach to the sound of the group - a broken, almost noyzovy bit in this song skillfully zamiksovan with folklore and melodious vocals Jana Vevy that sets off an ominous whisper Fedor.

In March 2003, after an impromptu tour of the cities of Belgium and performances at the festival «Faut Qu'ca Bouge» in the hall «Les Hall» in Brussels, Theodor Bastard finally complete the process of recording the album "The Void," his first studio work, to create a full composition participants. Despite the fact that in the discography of Theodor Bastard is the sixth disc, the band secretly believe his debut.

The album "The Void" Fedor manages to find a very good combination of electronic beats and ethnic instruments. And Yana Veva finally produces its own unique vocal style, which sends the listener as eastern musical traditions, and to the Balkan and Russian folklore.

The musicians first experimented with texts. The "emptiness", along with Russian and English texts of the songs can be heard in the languages ​​of Pashto and Urdu. And in some things Jana uses the so-called "glossolalia" - a combination of sounds or words that have lost their original meaning. This technique is common in conspiracies and the chorus of folk songs, as well as being part of many sacred traditions from pagan to Christian.

Artist Max Belov draws Flash video for the song. This work is due to its unusual brightness, and is fast becoming a hallmark of the group, including overseas.

For the rights to publish "Void" are fighting several foreign labels. In Germany a contract with Theodor Bastard gets record company «Pandaimonium». Over the ocean, "Void" is «The Art Records», Turkey - «Muzikal Yapim». And in Russia, the drive goes to the traditional «Fulldozer» - label Fedor organized during the time of his passion noise.

In support of the album "The Void» Theodor Bastard give a series of concerts in Europe, including the largest German festival «Fusion». Materials about the Theodor Bastard appear in all editions of the leading German music, the songs get on independent radio stations and on all sorts of indie compilations.

Parallel to this, Theodor Bastard take part in organizing the tribute to John Balance (Coil), the album goes to «Fulldozer». The presentation of the disc, in addition to Theodor Bastard, performed the song «Love's Secret Domain», participates Peter Christopherson (Coil), which comes from Thailand especially for this concert.

Theodor Bastard also start cooperation with a group of theater Poison. N. Yang, leader of the Poison Theatre, performs the role of vocals in the new version of the song "Selva" for animation clip created by talented Siberian artist Arthur Merkulov.

In 2006, on the basis of many of the band's on the label "Bomba-Piter" goes the second live album the group "Vanity", which incorporates the best concerts recording Theodor Bastard from St. Petersburg to Brussels. But this edition is only a compromise, enabling them to Fedor, Jan and their companions to take a breath after the tour, and will focus on new material.

The increasing enthusiasm for Fedor and Yana folk music not properly use the sound of the group. Theodore concludes that loud drums and guitars interfere in the fullest part of folk singing Jana. Together they decide to reform the sound of the band - back to the basics of experimental sound and combine it with the folk. Musicians are also trying to move away from the dark aesthetics and find different sound corresponding to the new Russian-language materials. Thus was born the album "White: Catching Evil Beast," which comes out in 2008 on the label «Q-Code».

This CD is fundamentally destroys the familiar idea of ​​the sound Theodor Bastard. In fact, this is a new group, with a strange insinuating poluelektronnym sound and songs in Russian. It is on this record Yana Veva first demonstrates his songwriting talent, not only coming up with words for most of the songs, but also a lot of harmony. The sound of the album is imbued with Russian folk and Slavic mythology.

Although a fundamental change in aesthetics and sound, Fedor is not happy with the result. The musicians returned to the studio with the aim of once processed sound. The result of these experiments became the album "White: Premonitions and Dreams", released a year later on the Argentine label «Twilight».

For a new material and a new approach is needed for the concert. In the next round of group tour participants: Maria Akimova the harp, cello Mila Fedorov and drummer - Andy Vladych, which soon included in the main part of the project.

All this time, in spite of the employment in the touring and recording, the band members are avid fans of independent travel. Fedor manages to visit Iran, Lebanon and Syria, which deals with local musicians and collects material for future releases. Percussionist group Kusas visited Morocco and Ethiopia. Jan interest of Chinese folk music and flies to Beijing, where the acquired some musical instruments, including the flute, "Bava».

This fascination with the folklore of the peoples of the world are reflected in a single Theodor Bastard «Tapachula», which comes out in 2010. Collector's Edition of the manual drawn up drive is the first release of a new label group - «Theo records». The main packing material - dried trunks of birch wood, which can be found only in the notorious Sinyavino swamps.

The presentation of the single group first serves in Warsaw and Poznan as well as giving a concert in the central theater of Leipzig during the festival «WGT».

Inspired by the successful concerts, the musicians sit at the recording of the new material. And for the first time are not recorded in the home, and on the well-known St. Petersburg studios - "Dobrolet" and "House of 1000 sounds." Musicians in intelligence helps the famous sound engineer Andrei Alyakrinsky.

In parallel with the work on the album Theodor Bastard publish accumulated in the archives of the group numerous remixes made by other artists on the song Theodor Bastard. So in 2011, the collection appears - «Remixed». The CD can be heard many foreign projects - Animals On Wheels (UK), Tracing Arcs (UK), State Of Bengal (UK), Scanner (UK), Flint Glass (France), Geomatic (Netherlands), Fedayi Pacha (France), Up, Bustle & Out (UK), Infinite scale (UK), Neotropic (UK) and many others who dissect the songs of the St. Petersburg team.

In 2012, the group finally completes the work on the album, a song called «Oikoumene». The disk becomes a real challenge to fans accustomed to the sound of poluelektronnomu team. On «Oikoumene» musicians refuse familiar electronic sounds and focus exclusively on live acoustic instruments, brought them out of long-distance travel. In some songs you can hear instruments like the daf, doira, dumbek, Udo, kalimba, Reco-Reco, Kaxix, Ashik, talking drum and a variety dzhambeev and congas. Ian significantly modifies and improves their vocal technique. Now her voice is really diverse - singing varies from insinuating and intimate to the enveloping and powerful. And imported from China Flute "Bava" harmoniously fit into the new sound team.

Another surprise for the audience becomes part of the musicians involved in the recording. The disc was recorded participate iconic British team of Fun-Da-Mental, Zulu choir The Mighty Zulu Nation, Indian sarod performer on Rampur Rani and unique French singer of African descent - Julien Jacob.

Oikoumene album was published in Russia in 2012 and in 2013 was released on the German label Danse Macabre. And in the same 2013 via Mirumir, the album was released in vinyl format.

In support of the album Oikoumene group holds a series of tours in Russia and Europe, and also participates in major festivals such as: Wave Gotic Treffen (Germany), Wild Mint (Russia), Dark Boombastic Evening (Romania), Floor Pavetra (Belarus), Labadaba (Latvia), Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania), Castle Party (Poland) and others.

Along with the concert activity, in late 2012, the band released a new release - Music For The Epty Spaces. The album includes songs written by a group of Brazilian documentaries directed by Gustavo Santos, Victor Fokeeva film "Mysteries of the self" and a fashion show of avant-garde Japanese designer Yushi Kyuroda. Another part of the tracks can be described as "unreleased soundtracks for films nonexistent." The music balances between etnoelektronikoy, ambient and dub, and implements the most experimental facets of creativity Theodor Bastard recently.

Later, at the end of 2014, the release was released on Fulldozer Records limited collector's edition. The booklet included with the book, including the fairy tale written by Fyodor bastard especially for this edition.

In the spring of 2013, the group decides to carry out a bold experiment and prepare an unusual program with a maximum of acoustic instruments and live sound chamber. To implement this plan were invited additional musicians Philipp Barsky (harp, dulcimer), Vladimir Belov (cello), Vasil Davletshin (bass guitar). As the number of musicians, instruments, diversity and complexity of the arrangements of the program turned out, perhaps the most difficult in the history of the group. Concerts were held in 4 cities: Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and St. Petersburg and received such a great response that it has been decided to fix at least some of the songs in this sound. And just a week after the final concert, the musicians gathered at the legendary studio Dobrolet where recorded 8 songs. At the same time carry out professional videography. The result is a film-concert "Theodor Bastard - Live in Dobrolet studio"

In 2014, the band celebrated the 10th anniversary release of the album "The Void". This album is the key to the history of the group, thanks to him, the group has been widely recognized in Russia and abroad, and in many respects it is determined the further development of the group. Musicians decided on this occasion to make a series of "Jubilee" concert and try to restore the sound and atmosphere that is inherent in the group at the time of performances. For this part of the musicians are temporarily returned ex-participants: Max Kostyunin (bass) and Taras "Monty" Frolov (keys). The finishing touch was the restoration of the original costumes and props.

Also, these jubilee concert was released a special reissue of the album "The Void". To this end, the musicians had to rebuild piece by piece composition overwrite individual parties, and to reduce re masteringovat album. The task was to make this sound like to get even 10 years ago, but due to technical and financial reasons, then this could not be achieved. As a result, remasteringovaya "Emptiness" has retained the original sound of the original, but has acquired a modern quality. Published drive was not only the updated songs and an updated design. In addition to it it was added a bonus track the song "Selva" co-written with Ian Nikitin. It is this version of the video is used in a drawing of Arthur Merkulov "Selva"

Also in the autumn of 2014 the band took part in the international project BalconyTV. The band recorded one of his songs playing on the roof of her house in the center of St. Petersburg. Staying true to its principles, the musicians prepared a new unusual arrangements with some interesting musical instruments, and the real highlight was the participation in the record of the legendary musician cellist Seva Gakkel, known for his cooperation with such groups as the "Aquarium", "Movie", "Turkish tea "and others.