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It's not a girl



The provocative title of the group is supported by sultry lyrics, catchy melodies and a hot-tempered brother. Andrew (vocals, keyboards) and Valerie (vocals, guitar) - active fighters for a healthy lifestyle that often demonstrate in amateur boxing ring sparring at CSKA sports facilities. & Nbsp;
release of their debut song "Missing You" was held on the site TopHit, and the reaction was not long in coming - the group began to win fans, she became interested in "the first music publishing", and the track was rotated on the FM-waves in 645 cities in Russia and abroad. Another which is rotated actively track was the song "It's not a girl - it's trouble," conquered the 60 radio stations in 345 cities, including regional "Russian Radio" and "Romance».
Duo was highly acclaimed music reviewer "MK" Artur Gasparyan.

"Two brothers, Andrei and Valeri Birbichadze, create for itself a musical Energy titled" Te100steron "global charts had not yet broken, but all the prerequisites are obvious -" commodity "onions, causing anyone seeking opinion to stop and start an interested-seed - says Gasparyan . - Positive energy, schlager music, vyaznuschie language, rich and dynamic arrangements, soulful men lyrics, no tip, but with a tear soaked in a fair concentration of most testosterone, which girls can smell a mile away and ignite wood in the fire of love ».

Own repertoire are 16 songs, two of them filmed videos. The movie "Missing You" won first place in the "Promotion" on TV Russian Music Box. This video, which covers the same "concentration of testosterone" was filmed friends gift musicians. It was directed by renowned music video director Alexander Igudin (Valery Meladze, "Tea for Two," Bianca, "Disco Crash", the film "Moscow, I love you" and others.), Who created a gallery of vivid satirical images. The roller is mounted in the style of PiP, consists of diverse stories of neighbors of an apartment building, anyway insomniacs, it is for someone to "bed - the whole world».

In the summer the club ArteFAQ held an open rehearsal and presentation of the premiere of the concert program "Te100steron." The reason for the celebration was the news that the group has entered into a cooperation agreement with music manager and CEO of "Muzyka.ru" Sergei Baldin. In late August, in St. Petersburg finished shooting the video "It's not a woman, it - the trouble," sponsored by the famous St. Petersburg director Vladimir Besedin, who shot the latest videos for groups IOWA and "Marcel". The action took place in the shopping center "Mega", the pavilion which was not at all like a movie set. Seven cameras hidden throughout the room, which was erected a large improvised fotobudka, which happened all the fun. In the shootings took part 36 girls, including the winner of the competition held in social networks "Te100sterona." The release of the video is planned for the end of September. "The shooting was the most public - shared Besedin. - If now the majority of teams are trying to hide the process of shooting, keep the intrigue and mystery of some kind, then we have all held open and alive. Material blended into phones and numerous cameras that were hidden on the site. The basis of our video - these are living people's reactions! »