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She was born September 3, 1985 in the village Sholokhov Rostov region. Tanya grew creative development of children and childhood dreaming of the big stage. Neither school matinee performance or did not do without her. Among the main interests of the future actress took a special place singing and choreography. Little Tanya could spend hours in front of a mirror repeating movements recorded on a video tape of the film with oriental dances and parody style of performance popular at that time artists. In addition, Tanya thought out, personally embroidered on old clothes and even sewed costumes for the whole of their performances on stage. The first major success Tatyana Kotova was winning the beauty contest "Miss Autumn` 98 ", held in his native village. Special impression on the jury she produced during the creative task, where fully demonstrated their dance and artistic skills. The first title and the first serious recognition of the public largely predetermined the fate of all cats.

During his studies at the Faculty of Economics SFU (Southern Federal University), specializing in crisis manager, she did not leave his hobbies: participated in all student recital dabbled in amateur shows. At this time, it was not easy: she went from parental custody and began to earn a living. She began teaching Arabic dance in one of the fitness clubs to be able to provide themselves with all the necessities. Soon after the beginning of the life of Tanya cool change. When she participated as a model for one of the shows, it was noticed specialists agency "Image-Elite" and was invited to a training course "Professional Model". And a month later, 20-year-old Tatiana asked to participate in the contest "Best Model of the South of Russia", and it is, without hesitation, agreed. As a result, Kotov was in the top five, and from that moment began her ascent to the main title - "Miss Russia".

Further events are still much more rapidly. In September 2006, Tatyana Kotova becomes the main "Rostov beauty", and December 15 is involved in the final of "Miss Russia - 2006". According to the contest, three finalists were selected members of the jury, but the three beauties who will take the first place, has determined the audience in the hall. The first blonde said Don artist Nikas Safronov. He once said that Rostovite Tatyana Kotova - the best. As it turned out, an opinion shared by the majority of the artist spectators and judges. Tanya voted for approximately 53% of those present. Soon followed by major international competitions "Miss World" and "Miss Universe", where Tatyana Kotova represented Russia. She was among the favorites and has been awarded the most flattering reviews spectators, members of the jury and the other contestants. However, the dream of the big stage did not leave the cats. Winning the competition "Miss Russia - 2006" became for her a vital step in overcoming that she continued to find new ways for self-actualization. Winter 2008 Tania learned about the casting in place participants in the popular Russian pop group "VIA Gra". Produced by the team immediately noticed a bright and charismatic blonde, which can also boast beautiful choreography training, plastic and artistic data.

March 17, 2008 Tatyana Kotova officially became the third member of the group "VIA Gra" and began performing and touring with Albina Dzhanabaeva and Meseda Bagaudinova, and later with Hope Meyher. In a trio Tatiana starred in such famous clips like "I'm not afraid», «Emancipation», «American wife", "antigen" and "Crazy." For two years Kotov managed to fall in love with all of the most devoted fans of "VIA Gra", it now has its own fan club.

March 22, 2010 Tatiana voluntarily left the band. Rumor has it that the reason was a quarrel with other members of the trio. However, nothing in common with real life they do not have. Kotova was closely within the female pop group. Lack of creativity and personal development have led to Tanya thought about leaving the composition of the group "VIA Gra". In September 2010, she began her solo career. All functions Producer Tatiana now assumed, and assembled a team of professional managers, took the selection of musical repertoire, the development of self-image and the preparation stage of a concert show. Clip on the first solo song "He", the author of which was Irina Dubcova, was directed by Alan Badoev. In the same year Tatiana debut as an actress. She played the role of a business woman in the series "A happiness somewhere near," which premiered on April 22, 2011 on the TV channel "Russia 1". In autumn 2011, Tatyana Kotova introduced a new song "Red on Red" written by renowned hitmakers Alexei Romanov and has become a great continuation of a solo career. In parallel, developing television career Tatiana - it becomes the leading program "First aid fashionable" to "Muz-TV".

In the spring of 2012 at the Internet appears third solo video Tatiana Kotova "In games nights." Candid video director Mary Skobeleva causes great resonance among Internet users. For television broadcast video have to be installed again because the management of channels found some scenes too erotic. However, Tatyana Kotova was nominated for Channel RU.TV in category "Most porn movies" hit the Top 10 charts MTV and Ukrainian «Ru Music», topped the charts Baltic channel «OE TV». Success was backed by another novelty - the song "Everything is just beginning," gave all the fans of the singer and bright positive mood in the summer of 2012.

Currently, Tatyana Kotova working on an album and toured extensively. She continues to work with well-known songwriters. Composition "Recognition" for her written Ukrainian hitmeyker Dmitry Klimashenko, and work on a summer track "Violet" participated Alex Potapenko (Potap). The first live show Tatyana Kotova - a completely new format for the Russian audience: interesting, no matter what it does not seem choreography mixing dance styles, unusual musical «mash up» - Numbers, sharp and smooth transitions between songs. All the creative part of the program - from the choreography to the development stage costumes - Tatyana Kotova personally engaged with the support of these professionals. Planck is high, but, in practice, active life, enormous capacity for work and professionalism help Tatiana progressively follow once chosen direction and always achieve your goals.