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Svetlana Gera was born in Moscow on 27th February 1974. Since childhood, speak in public, it was a special passion. First it was the family party, a gathering of adults and children are given time for rehearsals and a stage for musical performances. Light skillfully cope with the role of director and actor, arranging holidays together with his brothers and sisters. "What good did you do today?" - Sveta's dad, Edward Bobkin, believed that it is important for children to engage in business, he sent the Light and her sister Tanya, all possible circles and sections. With 5 years of the World engaged in the studio painting, I went to sports clubs and swimming chess. With them, it all started.

"I can not play all day long and all combinations of learning by heart" - she said her father (Edward Bobkin - master of sport of chess, runs his own chess school for children). Sport is sport, and she had to sit for 5-6 hours, and train. "If you find something more interesting for themselves, not chess. The main thing - get the deal! "- That was the last conversation about chess and Light found.

In 10 years, Svetlana realized what she will do in life. The school published the announcement of the recruitment of children in the Children's Musical Theater. This happened after the first rehearsal. The atmosphere of the theater studio, the chief director, Elena Tratsevskaya, music became her passion, her hobbies, her passion. Children's opera, tours, daily occupations vocals, acting, talking about music and composers have replaced the World school, family, chess! Here, everything is perceived normally, its explosive and emotional, loud booming laughter (by the way, it is still as loud laugh), her experiments with appearance, she was very fond of change beyond recognition, repaint the hair in purple, the orange, dressed, It prompted as the morning, and always get involved in the history and adventure. In the theater, he loved her, and she knew it, of course, was ready to do anything for the sake of the family (Tratsevskaya Elena godmother Amy).

Now it is one of the most famous children's musical theater. Galina Vishnevskaya, who has traveled the world, under the direction of Elena Tratsevskaya. In the 8th grade of Light moved into musical theater school and started to prepare for college. In 1992, Svetlana enters the Film Institute for a course under the direction of A Gluzsky. After graduation, when it was a troubled time for the Russian cinema, which simply did not exist, Svetlana is a competition in the group "Arrows", popular in the years 1997-2003. "Hera - a bright, sexy, charismatic, strong personality" - wrote about it in the press. "It was a great time, the swirl of events, life on the wheels and great company coolest girls - says Svetlana. - So far, we're friends and we support each other in all situations. " At this time, Hera began writing songs and some of them were included in the repertoire of the group "Arrows". It was a great start to finding himself as an author. After the end of the contract with the producers was a difficult period in the work of the actress and singer. Search ... its, important! "My life! What is it? Everything that happened to me was I hurt and lonely, like roaring and go to another country or embrace the whole world and share your tenderness and love with all his experience, it's all there in my songs. My voice - this is my tool with which I can share my sense of the world with people. For me it is very important to be heard, it's such a thrill! So I sing! »

Svetlana Gera - the former singer of the group "Arrows", author and producer of many well-known photo-projects, one of which is a charity - the protection of animals "We live on the same planet." He released the single "White" and took him clip. The song was in rotation on many radio stations and music channels. She starred in more than 20 projects (other Advokatessy, Figa.Ro). She graduated from the School of Drama Herman Sidakova. Who is working on a new album and starred in the movie.