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Stan (the real name Andrey Pozdnyakov) I was born in Rostov - on - Donu on July 19, 1980. Stan - perhaps one of those who till the last time always was in a shadow of "the Rostov rap in Moscow", but working constantly at studio, he everything actively participates in everything that svyazanno with urban culture in our country.

In 2008 he in common with Hamil from the Kasta presented a track "Fingers" on presentation of the disk "Hip-Hop FM" from Freight and DJ Xobot.

In further there was a sensational presentation of a lyrical track "I that" which divided the people into those it was pleasant to whom and on those who furiously condemned this creation. Parody video on promo a roller to this track in which, it is necessary to notice was shot even, the most famous people of the Russian rap and famous actors of theater and cinema participated.

In parallel with it Stan participated and I occupied (in opinion of fans, it is unfair) the second place in the international hip-hip tournament of actors of Bounce Battle 2008

In the fall of that year there was a new single, with participation Noggano and Hith Fly Family "Who if not I" which prochto assigned to Sten the status - the representative of the Rostov school of hip-hop. Besides all it in a global network there are new works the Stan, as solo, so and joint. informal ST to series "Father's Daughters" in which Walls played one of incidental roles became one of such works. The subsequent its works at cinema became: The killer in the movie "Lyuboff/on" (2009), the Raider in the movie "Raiders" (2010)

So Stan appeared and in the public places which aren't connected with hip-hop. So for example he participated in quality of the invited guest in the programs "League of the Nation" - the CTC channel, "Comedy Club" - the TNT channel, there was the member of jury "Pycckoe lotto" - NTV channel, was the participant of group support the actor Mikhail Politseymako in the King of a Ring project - the First channel and мн. B'day.

Now so far the people in social networks and on various portals listen and comments to its tracks, it in breaks between performances wrote down the solo album and got on well appears at several videos of the friends and colleagues: That will do and Guf - my game, the Caste and the God family - the Check, 25/17 - Only for the.

In November, 2009 there was in air an URBANA program on A-one TV channel, where in the heading FEAT. Stan the track "Two couplets" from the forthcoming album executed, with participation of Jetona (gr. Negative Influence)

Na this stage the debut album prepares for an exit. 19 compositions will enter it, those that already are in networks and absolutely new songs which will pleasantly surprise Vac. Are presented by guests on this album: That will do a.k.a. Noggano, Hith Fly Family, Sergey Lemoj (group Kar-Men), Igor Kurs, Jeton (gr. Negative Influence), Ilya Kireev, gr. Luna Park.