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Stas Smelyanskiy

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A well-known personality in the world of advertising, director, journalist, writer and poet, composer, director of Moscow advertising agency, winner of numerous advertising and film festivals:
- Winner of the Moscow International Advertising Festival;
- XXX International Film Festival of Cinematography, etc.

 The creator of commercials and slogans, that we see every day on TV for two decades (including "snikersni" "If you cough accept - Bromhexine Berlin-Chemie").

In the past, leading the cult TV show "Till 16 and older," the author of short films, a musical about love and romance, action games "Flying over eternity," one of the creators of the brand of creative garments "Nosichitay».

A graduate of the Moscow State University Journalism School and directing department VGIK. It also has a musical education.

A few years ago released an album of his songs. I decided not to stop and return to the musical experience. The result of which became the video "From Dostoevsky stomps».