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Stas Peha was born on 13 August 1980, in the "star family" under the sign of Leo in the Year of the Monkey. Everyone knows the name of his grandmother's legendary Edita Piekha and mother - Ilona Bronevitsky. The current spouse mom Eugene Timoshenkov- musician father Stas Petras Gerulis - theater director, Eric's sister Stas Bystrov - architects, interior designers. Grandma Stas, Edita, lost his father at an early age, and at the same time gave a promise to call her son Stanislav, in honor of his father, but her daughter was born (Ilona Bronevitskaya) and this man's name was not destined to resound in their family. And so, when a son was born Ilona name Stas finally found its worthy owner.

Childhood Stas went on the road on tour with her grandmother, while his mother worked in a solo career. In 7 years Stas started in Leningrad Capella Choir School Glinka in piano and choral singing and began to carry the name of Peha. The fact that the genus Peha because of the war broke, and Edita decided that Stas should revive it. Further musical education Stas received a pop-jazz department at the State Gnesin Music College. Interested in psychology and sport, so is always in great shape. In life, aesthetics Stas pleasure, love, luck, and of course the scene. Singer believes that absolutely must preserve the naturalness and always remain a person. He believes that the main thing - is to have a health and be loved, and the rest will follow. If Stas could not become an artist, he went to conquer the cosmic expanses of the universe.

In 2004, Stas has successfully passed the casting and became a member of the First Channel television project "Star Factory - 4". It is at the "Factory" was recorded his first hit - song "Star", which was written by composer Victor Drobysh. At the very beginning of the project, when all participants filled out questionnaires, Stas to the question "Who would you like to sing a duet?" Wrote "Valeria". And that his dream has come true - the song "You're sad," a duet with Valeria was performed on one of the reportable concerts. On "Factory" Stas Peha sang about 20 duets. Thanks to Victor Drobysh fulfill the dream Stas - he sang with rock legend Ken Hensley legendary rock ballad "July morning". As a result, competition Stas entered the top three winners of the "Star Factory - 4" and a prize was producing a solo album, shooting a clip and a scooter.

In May 2005, the artist released his first solo album "One Star", which included some songs written by Stas. Also the producer of the singer and composer Victor Drobysh added three hits and his fellow composers offered some decent songs. The song "You're sad" with this album, in duet performance with singer Valeria, rose high in Russian chat rooms and radio rotation. There on the album and track recorded Stas grandmother - Edita "City of childhood." Mama Stas Peha - Ilona Bronevitskaya - performed on the album as an expert. Together with her and her husband, a great musician, pre-listen to the songs for the album, and, in addition, he helped Stas in recording some stuff. September 21, 2005 the ceremony music awards MTV Russia Music Awards. At the ceremony, Stas Peha and Valerie received the award for "Best Song" for the song "You're sad."

The second album Stas Piekha entitled "different." Such a title was chosen: the so called one of the tracks on the album, and it most accurately reflects the creative state of the singer at the time of his creative activity. "Now I'm finding I do not have yet a clear style. The album I try to present their works differently than all used to, "- says Stas. Experimenting with styles and trends, Stas is to the audience his musical "maneuvers": the new album presents a variety of musical genres. Here there is a French chanson ("About You"), and the aesthetics of the club ("Write me") and pop ("I'll give you"), and blues-rock ("It's not your") and songs in the style of Sting ("Otherwise") and Jamiroquai («In cloud melting"). For the duet song "She's not your" Stas Peha and Grigory Leps in 2008 received music award "Golden Gramophone", in 2009 Muz-TV and premium in the field of broadcasting, "God ether." On "AKA" Stas worked his producer and composer Victor Drobysh.

Third album Stas Piekha is called "10". The album is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the creative life of the singer. As part of the album 10 songs, one bonus track "Winter" and 3 remixes. For the song "In the palm of the line", "I leaf", "You and I", "old story" Stas Peha was awarded the music prize "Golden Gramophone" and diplomas of the festival "Song of the Year." Stas Peha album "10":

"For me, this album - it's not a new discovery, but rather summing up a decade of creative life. It contains all of my golden hits of recent years: the songs that would like to hear people coming to my concerts. Compared with the previous, this album is the most powerful, in my opinion, and now is my favorite. Here there is a pop-rock, and philosophical themes, all this music is close to my heart.

This creative decade - and internal metamorphosis, and music, and external. It is now possible to start all over from scratch, look for new songs, new musical ideas. "

In 2007, Stas and his grandmother were Edita persons "Moscow Jewelry Factory". One of the oldest jewelry factories in Russia do not accidentally made a choice in favor of this family: the continuity of generations - one of the main concepts of the enterprise. In addition to the concerts of touring, Stas Peha participated in voicing cartoons ("Our Masha and the Magic Nut", a fairy tale studio Walt Disney Animation «Princess and the Frog", starred in the TV series "My Fair family." He also wrote a collection of his own poems, which posted Online "ExperimentCOM" and in January 2008 issued a poetry collection "Naked." From 2008 to 2009, Stas was the leading program «Cosmopolitan. The video version" on TNT.

In the singer's artistic heritage 3 album "Star", "other", "10"; 12 video clips ("Where am I", "Parting", "About You", "Write me", "She's not yours," "In the palm of the line", "I leaf", "You and I", "We parted with you "," old story "," Green whirlpool "," I'm with you "); thousands of miles of touring, hundreds of concerts, airplay and filming television programs; millions of letters that became his interview.