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Soprano Turetskogo

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Higher musical and acting training in the best universities of the country. Talent, the ability to be a trend and sensitivity to the world around them. Possession of musical instruments. And most importantly - the sincerity and indifferent.

Makes tremble coloratura (high above the clouds), alluring mezzo (languid, low), scattered pearls dramatic penetrating into the soul of folk that turns upside down the drive, and even funk, rock, jazz, romantic - and all this "The Sopranos." In an excellent tenth degree. Because they can all. With music and a'capella. On the drive, sad, joyful, to tears and to laughter, loud, quiet, softly, around the world and to you personally. And with them live band - red drummer, pianist and unreal brutal guitarists. In the professional biographies of the project - touring in Russia and abroad, conquered the capital, participation as headliners at the most prestigious events, music festivals and fashion-parties.

Today, "The Sopranos" - the only female musical group, which has no restrictions repertoire: from "Daisies hid" to "Turkish March" by Mozart, from the classic «Casta Diva» to the permanent hits Freddie Mercury, from a medley of songs «ABBA» to musical "Phantom of the Opera" by Soviet and favorite retro hits to the world of pop music.

Musical audacity of professionals allows us to "The Sopranos" to do of his concerts unforgettable brilliant show, a significant cultural event - a real treat. After all, they, along with the Turkish Michael, who discovered the genre of "art group" in music, continue to promote good musical taste, brightness and talent.