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Sergei Zverev - superstar singer, king of glamor, movie star, legend, TV. Withdrawn in the successful projects, the reality show "Full fashion" (Muz-TV) and "Star in a cube» (MTV), «The stars in fashion» (RU.TV), "Blondes in a pen" (Kazakhstan), "Zirka + Zirka "(Ukraine)," style Icon "(Ukraine)," Fighting brides "(Russia), the charts " Ru TV "," MTV "," Music Box "," Channel U "," Muz TV "... won the Grand Prix in almost all countries of the world, the absolute European champion, world champion. Sergei Zverev also an honorary professor of Kyiv National University of Culture of the State.

Sergei Zverev was born in the village of Kultuk near Irkutsk. He served in the Armed Forces of the USSR missile defenses in Poland, where he was deputy commander of the platoon, secretary of the Komsomol organization and concluded the service with the rank of sergeant. Was in the Communist Party. He was educated on three specialties: hairdressing art, decorative cosmetics and designer clothes. He studied at the Paris fashion house, and at the same time there and worked. Sergei Zverev vibrant brand for the Moscow beauty "Sergei Zverev." Muscovite. In 2007, released a doll "stylist Sergei Zverev." The first Russian stylist, whose hands were insured in 2006 for 1 million euros. Sergei Zverev singer of such hits as "Allah", "For you," "More glamor», «Fashion man», «Dolce & Gabbana», etc. At the moment, filmed more than 25 movies.