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Born in the village of Upper Kurkuzhin Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria. Mom - Fatima Ismailovna father - Setgaly Talostanovich sisters - Light, Mariana and Madina.

All spent her childhood in the village, she studied at the village school, where he began to show his first vocal abilities. When Sati was 12 years old, the family moved to the capital of the Republic, in the city of Nalchik. There Satie studied for 2 years in an urban school, and went to a parallel children's art schools, classes in vocal. After the 9th grade was decided to enroll in Kabardino-Balkaria School of Culture and Arts, majoring academic vocal. Along with learning Sati took an active part in concerts and filming all the significant events of the country. Also worked in a restaurant, gaining experience of modern vocal, financial independence and the ability to help those most parents. At the same time became the winner of the regional competition "Nalchik dawns." At the end of the 3rd year college Sati went to Moscow "to try his luck." The decision was not easy for the whole family Casanova, since none of the relatives and friends were not in the capital. Immediately upon arrival Satie entered the Academy of Music. Gnessin a class of pop-jazz vocals at the correspondence department. At the same time got a job in the cultural and entertainment center "Crystal" in the musical show "Voyage Dream" actress-singer. This colorful show Satie worked for 2 years, also laboring in other entertainment venues in the same specialty as the salary was not enough to support themselves in a difficult Moscow. However, the singer did not forget about the cherished dream to get to the "big stage", tried in all sorts of projects, went to a lot of auditions. But it was all in vain, until a new project "Star Factory", a music producer Igor Matvienko was kortorye .. Once on the project, Satie proved to be a bright girl with character ... In the end, 16 December 2002, formed the group "Factory" composed of Sati Casanova, Irina Toneva and Alexander Savelyev, and became one of the most successful musical projects of the country. In 2006, driven by another cherished dream - to become an actress, Satie enrolled in high school theater GITIS (now RATA) on the acting department.

After 8 years in the group, Sati decided to do a solo project, in collaboration with the same production center Igor Matvienko.


2004 - "Stopudoviy Hit" (in the "Factory")

2004 - "Golden Gramophone" (in the "Factory")

2005 - "Golden Gramophone" (in the "Factory")

2005 - Glamour (pop artist of the year, in the "Factory")

2006 - "Astra" (the most stylish singer)

2009 - "Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea"

2010 - "Honored Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria"

2010 - "Singer of the Year (according to the magazine" Glamour ")»

2012 - Nomination "Solo" (according to the magazine «Moda Topical»)

2012 - "Honored Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic»

In 2010 she released her first solo single, "Seven-eighths" - the song was shot clip, rotate musical Russian TV channels. At the same time Satie performed in the capital club with a group of "gags", presenting new songs. In June 2010, launched the official site of the singer -www.satikazanova.ru

In 2011, Sati Casanova appeared before the public in a new form of unexpected jazz singer. In cooperation with well-known musicians playing jazz, created the project «SATI acousticband », performing as solo songs Satie, and world hits.

Sati Casanova leads his microblog on the site twitter.com, blog audience is growing rapidly due to the fact that the singer tweeted raises a variety of urgent and vital topic - in particular, actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, with readers discussing questions of religion and politics. Among the stars of stage Sati released intelligence and diplomacy, qualities inherent outstanding figures of Russian culture. Her biography - a vivid example of success on their own, due to the tenacity and work on yourself.