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At VIA "Gems" no precise date of birth: in late 1970 for the first time came to the rehearsal, 14 June 1971 passed the first program on July 31, was the first concert, August 8 - first aired in October, the team first announced ensemble "Gems "and at the end of the year, the first solo concert ...

And it all began. In early 1970, a recent graduate of the Moscow Conservatory bass Yury Malikov offered to go to Japan for the exhibition EXPO-70 (biography YF Malikov see. Section "200 outstanding figures of our time," the book "Who is who in the modern world", Volume 2 ). By the time he was firmly convinced that it can and must do much more than just playing the double bass in the orchestra - he had the idea of ​​creating his own team. In Japan Malikov became interested in contemporary music and especially its technical side. As a result, earnings for the first eight months of funds were spent fifteen boxes of musical equipment and tools for the future of the ensemble.

On arrival in Moscow Yury Malikov immediately started organizing the ensemble. It was heard by a great number of musicians until, finally, the composition of the team was defined. Writing with an ensemble of several songs, Yury Malikov spoke to the director of the popular radio program "Good morning!" Catherine Tarhanova, which met in Japan (EXPO-70, she worked at the stand of the All-Union Radio) and which, in turn, introduced him to the chief editor transmission Era Kudenko. Songs of the ensemble she liked, and 8 August 1971 in the framework of the program "Good morning!" Was made a whole program about the new team, which performed two songs: Russian folk "Go eh eh I go I" and the first song of M. Fradkin 'I will take you away to the tundra. " And at the end of the program among the listeners it was a competition for the best name for the new band (as he was called VIA by Yuri Malikov). In the editorial office came a few tens of thousands of letters, which offered 1183 different titles. Of these, the band chose "Gems" ... And not only because of the first, immediately became a hit song, "I will take you away to the tundra", were the words: "How much you want to semi-precious stones, we gather with you!". "This title is very accurately determine the direction of our collective work, - says Yuri Malikov. - It was like everyone should have lighted the faces of his talent, to reveal as much as possible their potential in the team, complement each other ».

20 October 1971 VIA headed by Yuri Malikov was aired with a new name - "Gems." Their songs were now in the "Lighthouse", and the first radio program, and youth edition, and in the program "Hello, comrade." But basically the whole ensemble of the initial activity carried out through Moskontsert. For the first time "live" audience saw them on the big pop concert in the summer theater Hermitage Garden in Moscow, where they sang a few songs. Success was deafening.

The first part of the ensemble gradually changed and finally identify the main group of performers, which were recorded and then the most famous song "Gems." It Irina Shachneff Edward Rabbit, Sergei Berezin Gennady Zharkov, Valentin Dyakonov, Nikolai Rappoport. In 1972 she auditioned for other musicians. The team came Yuri Genbachev, Anatoly Mogilev, Yuri Peterson. This eventually formed the first part of "Gems" owe their popular songs that made up the "golden fund" of ensemble "will take you away to the tundra", "Do not repeat this ever," "good sign", "willow", "Do not sad "," The village Kryukovo "," Building BAM "," If the heart is young "," Turtle-dove "," The song is my song "," snowflake "," Prom Night "," Labrador tea "," There, behind the clouds' , the festival song "Friendship", "We, the young," "On the ground, live love," "For that guy", "crew - one family" and others. The songs "gems" - the result of collaboration with the great composer M.Fradkinym , S.Tulikovym, V.Shainskim, E.Hankom, V.Dobryninym, O.Ivanovym, Ya.Frenkelem, 3.Binkinym, A.Ekimyanom, N.Bogoslovskim, poets P.Leonidovym, M.Plyatskovskim, R.Rozhdestvenskim, I.Shaferanom, L.Derbenevym, M.Ryabininym, S.Ostrovym, E.Dolmatovskim. A song on the verses D.Tuhmanova V. Kharitonov 'My address - the Soviet Union "for many years has been the hallmark of the team: it began and ended each of his concert.

Each new song is met "a great success". And into whatsoever city or country visited "Gems" young cute guys in the beautiful original costumes, with melodious songs, carried the audience something good, light and, of course, was a huge success. The ensemble has created a unique lyrical and romantic style, was the clearest advocate of the best examples of Soviet songs. This genre on the platform was still new, only that there were such bands as "The Singing Guitar", "Jolly Fellows", "Blue Guitar", "Pesnyary." "Gems" sang about love, the native land of romance difficult road, singing that always worried and concerned young people. They were among the few vocal and instrumental ensembles in the Soviet stage, sing a song of patriotic sounding.

In 1970 the ensemble has gained immense popularity, they were invited to the all important concerts. For example, Leonid Brezhnev escorted the builders of BAM, and a concert in the Kremlin invited "Pesnyary" and "Gems". Song with the words: "... gay guys, dropped us to build an iron path and shorter - the BAM ..." ensemble accompanied builders on a long journey.

Yu.Malikova have always been absolutely clear intuition about the repertoire of "gems". He "guessed" almost all the songs performed by the ensemble soon became a hit, but sometimes it came to conflicts and disputes. For example, when V.Dobrynin brought his song "Everything in life is me," she first artists are not attracted. They wanted the songs focus more on the Western Group, and director of the ensemble would like to create their repertoire ... At a time when the song writing was the prerogative of only the members of the Composers' Union, many of the songs, "gem", written by the members of the ensemble, have found life on the stage only by music editor including head of the department of pop at the firm "Melody" VD Ryzhikov, played a huge role in the development of domestic pop music.

In 1972, the ensemble "Gems" first went on the Hit Festival in Dresden. Soloist Valentin Dyakonov took sixth place in the overall standings of the 25 performers, and in Dresden plate came with four songs "Gems." It was perhaps the first serious test of creativity. Later VIA "Gems" won the international music festivals and competitions in Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Havana, Milan showed their art in Latin America and Africa. And, of course, a lot, and successfully toured his native country. Since 1972, they constantly played in Luzhniki: recitals, concert offices, modular programs. In the years 1974-1975 "Gems" gave ten concerts (10 days - 10 concerts) at the stadium "Dynamo". Concerts were held in any weather, they came with a full house - collected about 17 thousand spectators. Tours "Gems" covers more than 30 cities of USSR, Kiev, Minsk, Alma-Ata, Tbilisi, Rostov, Kuibyshev, Ufa, Sverdlovsk ... Working on the road, were in a huge stadium and the Palais des Sports.

In 1975, at the peak of popularity as a result of a creative crisis, several soloists left the "gem" and created their own group - "Flame", and Yuri Malikov scored a new composition. For twenty days he managed to do the unthinkable - he not only formed a virtually new ensemble (from the old structure remained Alexander Brondman, Eugene Kurbakov, producer group and have just enrolled in the ensemble as soloist Vladimir Vinokur), but also to prepare a recital with new artists half updating the repertoire! The new composition of the "Gems" includes professional musicians: drummer V. Polonsky, who came from the band "Jolly Fellows" a trumpeter Vladimir Besedin of Mosconcert, arranger, pianist Vladimir Kretyuk who worked with Alla Pugacheva in the ensemble of "You, me and the song "guitarist V. Habazin of VIA" Jolly Fellows ", E. Kobzev (Presnyakov) and Vladimir Presnyakov of the team," What a guitar sing. " After school "gem" have been many idols of the 1980s and 1990s - Alex Glyzin, Vladimir Kuzmin, Alexander Barykin, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Arkady Horalov Sergey Belikov Andrey Sapunoff ...

VIA "Gems" has always sought to revitalize the concert form of speeches. The director of the concert included the construction of accurate light accents, emphasizing the movement programs engender an atmosphere of attention and concentration, and, where necessary, decisively and breaking the rhythm of the action and mood. "Gems" is not only singing, but also commented on his statement, refusing the services of entertainers and intrusive service 'bundles'. It is in the "gem" debuted as a parodist brilliant Vladimir Vinokur, and later was replaced by a talented humorist Sergey Kuznetsov.

The general crisis of vocal and instrumental ensembles in the Soviet Union began with the Olympics-80. To show the foreign athletes progressiveness of the socialist system, released from the underground rock culture. Youth gladly pounced on the unusual on the national stage music rebels, preferring their romantics from VIA. But "Gem" and did not give up until the end of 1980 recorded 100 songs and more than a year and still collect a full house. At this time the ensemble gradually allowed to have its repertoire, the musicians were able to perform a song of his own composition. "Gem" was provided by the newest equipment, the theater stage. And in 1984, after the publication in the newspaper "Pravda" by the Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee for Ideology Chernenko began the persecution of the pop musical groups. After a long and thorough inspections ensemble "Gems" survived ...

Malikov Yu began to think about changing the musical genre in accordance with the requirements of time and fashion. He invited the ensemble of the ex-soloist of group "Araks" Sergey Belikov, who briefly appeared in the "gem" back in the mid-1970s and was the first performer smash hit "Everything in life is me." The program of the ensemble were the original vocal and instrumental compositions, rock - ballads, bright show-rooms. In 1985, Yuri Malikov together with Vladimir Presnyakov-senior and well-known director Grigory Kantor put the song play "Game of shooting the magical." Only in the Moscow theater stage we gave more than 80 performances. But parting with the stage could not be avoided. That young people who listened to "Gem" in the 1970s, has matured, and a new generation is almost entirely a thing of the craze of rock music. "Gem" began to lose its audience. With the advent of many pop groups ("Tender May", "Mirage", "East" and others.) And new soloists popularity of "Gem" has fallen. "The guys are tired, exhausted, - says Yuri Malikov. - Someone came grandchildren, someone went into business or emigrated. It's another generation of viewers, and they needed their idols ... "In addition, in the later part of" gems "were so bright performers, they became closely within the ensemble, they got some momentum for further solo career (S. Belikov, A . Kondakov, Horalov A. et al.). "Just behind the scenes of the ensemble grew future" pop star "in 1987 in the" gem "debuted Dmitry Malikov, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. began to appear in the ensemble" Cruise ».

In 1992, Yuri Malikov was forced to suspend the activities of the ensemble. Musicians earned who could. Tigran Aslamazian engaged voucher privatization in the government of Gaidar, Valentin Dyakonov was the arranger and sound engineer, Oleg Sleptsov has created his own group, Alexander Nefedov engaged in their own careers, Vladimir Presnyakov began working with his son. Perhaps the most active creative life led Yury Malikov. He was engaged in youth television-artistic club "Corus", filmed TV shows and clips, headed the jury of various singing competitions. And in 1996 - the year of the 25th anniversary of VIA "Gems", he was asked to transmit the "Golden Hit" remember a few tunes "Gems." In the survey gathered more than 30 artists from the compositions of different times. The effect of their performance was so unexpected that after six months on ORT came the famous "Old songs about the main thing." After that, some members of the ensemble decided to resume performances - "Gems" reborn. Currently, under the banner of "Gems" are the soloists in different years: Yu.Malikov, I.Shachneva, V.Belyanin G. Rubtsov, S.Belikov, V.Dyakonov, E.Presnyakova, O.Sleptsov, A.Nefedov, G. Vlasenko et al. Yu.Malikov tries to make soloist with songs that they personally played in the 1970-1980's. These songs have now received like a second wind. "The phenomenon of the popularity of" Gem "is - says Yuri F. Malikov, - that our music was and still is a simple, affordable, but at the same time, professional and sincere ..." The repertoire of the "gems" of more than 500 songs, many of which have become a real Patriotic song classics and entered the encyclopedia of Soviet and Russian pop.

VIA "Gems" - the winner of V All-Union competition of performers (1974), winner of numerous television festival "Song of the Year", winner of the "National Prize of Popov in the field of broadcasting." The ensemble was awarded the Order of "Service to Art».

In 1974 Yu.Malikovu was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1986 - Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 2000 in connection with the 30th anniversary of the ensemble - the title of winner of the National Music Award "Ovation" and the award "Golden Gramophone" "Russian radio. " He was awarded the Order of Peter the Great I degree.

In 2005, Yuri Malikov began to prepare a concert dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the creation of VIA "Gems." This festive concert was held on 16 November 2006 in the State Kremlin Palace. The event was broadcast on Russian television and became a notable event in the cultural life of the country.

February 14, 2007 President Vladimir Putin signed a decree conferring the title of Yuri Malikov People's Artist of Russia.