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The school Sergey Zhukov was an excellent student, although he loved more than the humanities, but then became interested in the typical boyish thing - to play in a band, why in the study began to pay much less attention. Even then he was an organizer, wanted to do something unusual, cheerful.

For 4 years in hockey. For a while he worked on the radio "Europa Plus Samara" and led a program of dance music "Hit-hour." There in 1993 he met with Alexei Potekhin with him together they formed the band "Uncle Ray and the company».

He is the owner of the restaurant "Bedouin" in Arbat Moscow. He is also head of the company "Pro Web" site owner legal music www.mp3.ru

Recently, Sergey actively engaged in literature. In late February, in collaboration with the St. Petersburg journalist, he published a novel feature of the show business "Starfall". As Sergey maintains a blog on mail.ru and a contact page.

Early in his career, he considers not in '93, and May 1, 1995, when, as he himself admits, he found himself in Moscow. The following year, he worked as a DJ at the Moscow radio station "Rocks", then held together with a series of Potekhin discos in Tbilisi.

Meanwhile, the group has a new name - "Hands up!". After bringing to the case of a producer began to develop business, began the endless concerts and travel. The group became popular.

Since that time, since there have been many concerts, written a lot of songs, the band has repeatedly received awards and prizes.

Being a person of the popular group is not easy - Sergei remembers many cases when fans were ready to do anything to merit the attention of the idol, and because of this, even there is an accident. That's how he remembers his first sexual experience: It was 15 years old and does not have any emotions. Later, while studying at the institute, I began to understand the beauty of these relationships.

He denied that his concerts are held under a soundtrack, recognizing only two exceptions: big recitals and recording:

Solo career

In 2002 he published his first solo album, Sergei "Territory". Many tracks of this album are becoming popular and are often heard in the first lines of the charts. In 2004 the album "territory. Tenderness ", different from the first solo album by the fact that it has become more commercial. After the group disbanded in 2006, Sergei recorded the album "In Search of tenderness." Tracks - "drips tears", "Rose", "The girl does not sleep" during the year leads the "Russian Radio».

Currently, the General Director «Real Records»