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It all started at the end of the far - distant seventies! Heard as a lad very beautiful, melodious song from the box titled "Rigondeaux," was a priemnichek in those early years, and so he then fell into this beautiful song called mysterious EASTERN SONG that sang it from morning to evening with an unforgettable Valery Obodzinskii! And dreamed about myself lad when he sang this song in the holidays with stools for Mom, when I grow up, I will be the same as it is !!! And there was this lad none other than yours truly Gennady Seleznev! But so he did not, and for what it is? The most important event - the birth of a dream !!! As time went on, years went by, we stepped into a new century ...

And finally, once originated dream began to turn into reality! Once in the city of Moscow was yours truly in the music studio to the other lads on a music business, because then wrote and sang his songs Gennady only with a guitar! A lad was none other than my friend Andrew Nasyrov! He then listened to Gennady and invited him to cultivate musical works to the right, song forms! So they decided then friends, vdarit hand: be the birth of our group, and called her Gennady "Christmas" - a sign of anything new being born on earth, and even in the yard, in the calendar list, turned out to be from 6 to 7 of January!

That's because the very fate of all them and dictated! Since 2008, a group of "Christmas" began rehearsing hard, arrange, invent and create their first album called "one of you". Officially, he came out in 2010. The result of the further work of the staff were even two albums: "Bright Angel" (2011), "Under what star" (2012). The group is currently working on their fourth album, tentatively titled "I Believe". Today the group "Rozhdestvo" is: Gennady Seleznev - vocals, Andrew Nasyrov - bass guitar, Victor Boyarintsev - guitar, saxophone, Dmitry Alekhine - elektrobayan, Sergei Kalinin - drums. At various times in the group participated Andrew Otryaskin, Vyacheslav Litvyakov, Sergei Zakharov, Oleg Kobzev Paul troops, Lyudmila Naumova. Each of them has made an invaluable contribution to the creative process, for which they thank you very much! All songs of "Rozhdestvo" imbued with love, friendship, faith in the future and that the soul is eternal!