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Show business subtleties Roman and learned from six years, he traveled all over the country in the tour group Ovsiyenko Tatiana, whose director is his father. Not surprisingly, the constantly spinning in a creative environment, interacting with singers and musicians, Roma and himself since childhood, studied music and sang a lot.

Breaking a voice in the transition to adulthood, studies in high school and efforts related to the preparation for university entrance, at some time dreams of the stage pushed into the background. But at age 17, during a trip to America, Roman returned to the music. "I had a lot of free time incentive, - he said. - I then began to compose his first songs and found that I could sing again. "

Since then, the scene has become an integral part of his life. He works as a bass guitarist at concerts Tatiana Ovsiyenko, acted in the video "Summer" on her duet with Victor Saltykov. As a member of the Student Council of the Faculty of International Relations MosGU, he met with the head of the creative team Tamara Rusakova and become a permanent member of university concerts.

Aware of the need to obtain work experience on a professional stage, three Roman takes part in the casting of the project "Star Factory". And in early 2006, along the way he smiles luck: he is among the "factory" of the sixth convocation - wards Victor Drobysha.

Four months spent on the project, were not only significant, but also extremely productive period in the Roman artistic career. The first time he did not look too confident against a background of their neighbors in the Star house, many of them before the arrival of the project had a considerable stage experience and a special vocal training. However, thanks to his talent and performance, he was able not only to get lost in their background, but also to make a big qualitative leap in vocal terms, and in terms of emancipation on the stage, from concert to concert revealing a new side and gaining professionalism.

In his "factory" piggy four solo songs - a record that failed to beat any one member of "Factory-6", as well as duets with Vladimir Kuzmin ( "Pier your hope") and Alexander Ivanov ( "Dreams"), Sergey Trofimov ( "Wind in the head") and Oleg Gazmanov ( "Rehearsal of separation"), Valeria ( "Black and white") and Abraham Russo ( "in love"), Andrei Sapunov ( "Ping") and Alexey Belov ( «Tell Me Why "); with groups of "Roots" ( "25th Floor"), "Earthlings" ( "Borsalino"), "Tokyo" ( "Who am I without you"), "City 312" ( "Out of range") and the Gotthard ( "Heaven" ). In addition, many non-Roman played guitar, was in the crowd and backing vocals and sang in a group, which later became known as "Chelsea". One of the solo songs - "You and I" - even before the end of the project got into the rotation, "Russian radio" and a number of other radio stations.

What would any Roman sang at the "Factory" - pop or chanson - he did not try to copy the style and the style of popular artists, while remaining true to his idea to bring in the "notes heavier" the project format. However, the most he could reveal non-rock format. Already his first rock duo with the Swiss band Gotthard for the song «Heaven» brought Roman recognition of the audience of the First Channel and MTV. Within eight weeks, the duo took the first line of the channel charts MusicBox, for that novel was awarded the disk name. Musicians Gotthard group were so happy with the result, which was invited by Roman repeat joint appearance at the club "Point", and presented him with one of his songs ( «Lift U Up»), which he performed at the factory stage as second solo number.

Following this success, the attention of a young rock artist drew the leader of the "Gorky Park" Alexei Belov, written specifically for the Roman song "Do not forget" and "I'm sorry." With the latest Roman left "American Idol" before the finale. But the withdrawal was not a defeat! "A rock is still alive!" - He said in his farewell speech, confirming that he was able to carry out his plan - to break a pop project format. Confirmation of this - the band's songs Gotthard, which is Roman Arkhipov (instead of the finalists of the project) closed the final concert in the "Olympic".

After the end of the project Roman, as well as other "manufacturers", signed a contract with the producer center Victor Drobysha and tour of "Factory of Stars - 6" has sent as a member of "Chelsea" of the group. The team in addition it includes Arseniy Borodin, Denis Petrov and Alexei Corzine. The group quickly gained popularity, their songs occupy the top of the charts. Make or break the 2006 "Chelsea" is completed with the rank of "best band of the year", referring to his luggage "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Another's Bride", a clip for the song "favorite", and their debut album, which included their song since "Idol ", including the first solo novel" Me and you. "

Currently, the group has been active concert activity, working on a new album, collaborating with popular Russian artists (in particular with Philip Kirkorov).

However, despite the success of the group, Roma still dreams of a solo career and plans to create their own rock project.