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Romadi was born January 31, 1990 in Moscow. Pope Romadi - a real Indian, he is originally from India, where he was born and grew up, and later met in a disco mother Romadi.

Mom Romadi very early gave her daughter to a music school. It so happened that the sister of the future singer visited this place, and when my mother came to pick up a small Romadi eldest daughter, creative pen Romadi, as she puts it, "clobber" the keys of the piano, which stood in the hallway.

After Romadi entered the children's music - choral studio "Rainbow", where the girl began to take its first steps towards becoming their voice and acting. As a result, Romadi graduated from music school as "excellent", the hallmarks of until now. These basic skills have helped her further musical activities.

As a child, the singer wanted to become a veterinarian, help and treat animals, but soon realized, it happens sometimes that the little creatures can not be saved, and she dies. Romadi itself says that could not make it for this reason abandoned his childhood dream.

Romadi studied at the Gymnasia # 1504, where she attended an ensemble called "Big Break". After Gymnasium Romadi given to pop Faculty Russian University of Theatre Arts GITIS in "pop art", though not the first time, but because the result is important.

Romadi noted that:.. "Pop faculty recruited only once every two years, and when I graduated from high school, I did not even know that such a faculty there, but do still will not work well, but the next year, when I learned about this faculty, I even thought that all that is being done all the better ... because there was a lot of singing ... that's what it was! "I have to.

Romadi FameClub participated in the project and record a duet with singer Loc-Dog, was then working with Batista, TONY IGY and many other professionals of musical Olympus.

In 2012, the singer goes solo album titled «Tame my Wild», which includes the best tracks of the singer.

In 2013, he became a semifinalist Romadi show "New Wave", and in 2014 the singer - a finalist of the interactive show "The Artist" on the TV channel Russia-1.

In autumn 2015 the singer participated in the show production center Grigory Leps "Higher Test", which also successfully passed the final.

Now Romadi successful and recognizable singer who continues to work actively in all its interesting and inspiring ways. We look forward to new and interesting Romadi, melodic, spectacular and sexy tracks.