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Roma from five years began his musical studies, he graduated from music school, and at age 17 he entered the pop-jazz college in Rostov-on-Don. In 2000, the singer became a student of pop-jazz department of the Russian Academy of Music. While still a student, Roma worked for two years in the producer center Maxim Fadeev as an arranger, and then - in the producer center Eugenia Friedland. "It was there that I realized that I should write himself - says the actor. - Because no one better than I can express my condition through music. " Created tracks Roma posted on his page on the social networking cult MySpace, where a future star and found the Director General of Universal Music Dmitry Konnov.

"In late 2007, we were looking for an artist who would write themselves and the music and lyrics, and worked in the genre of pop and dance music, - says Dmitry Konnov. - Friends threw me a link to this page Romina, I listened to the tracks, read about the author, and realized that we had found the one you were looking for ».

For the first time in front of an audience of thousands of Roma made in July 2008, at the opening of a music festival dance-radio station "Europe Plus" in St. Petersburg. «Roma Kenga - a real find - says program director of radio station" Europe Plus "Roman Oleg. - A rare talent who combines great composer - melodist and arranger magnificent. " Hallmark performer was the song "Where there is love," radiopremera which took place in September 2008, and captured video of the same name got into the rotation on Uzbek TV channels, MTV and Muz TV. According Tophit.ru song is played in 433 Russian cities and was in rotation on more than six months.

Now on account of Roma Kenga numerous television shooting, three clips, the active rotation on major radio stations, including "Europe Plus», Love Radio, Hit FM, ENERGY, and 2 album debut, "Where there is love," and the reissue of the first album with extra tracks " Summer night city ». The album "Where there is love," one of the biggest music portal MUZ.RU called "pop album of the year." "This is a truly European product of excellent class, no assumptions and squinting»