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Rodion Gazmanov


At the age of five years old his parents sent him to a music school, piano. When he was 6 years old, his family moved from Kaliningrad to Moscow. The first song he sang on stage was the song "Jamaica" ( "I dream at night Jamaica ...»).

When her father, Oleg Gazmanov, lost his voice, he bet on his son. In late 1987, the father was able to promote a music video for the song about a yard dog, nicknamed "Lucy" by Rodion in the song list for the program "Morning mail". They were lucky - one of the transmission issues led Alla Pugacheva, she put a clip on the air "Lucy" with Rodion Gazmanov. The video was shot a black Giant Schnauzer named Corby - dog Gazmanov. The song "Lucy" and Rodion Gazmanov became famous. The first record came out circulation of 50 million copies, Rodion received 150 rubles, his parents bought him sweets and toys. On one song "Lucy", he and his father collected stadiums.

Rodion was engaged in kung fu, karate and swimming.

He studied at the music school, which dropped just a year before her graduation. He plays the guitar, the first chords he showed his father, then he studied with the teacher.

For eight years (1988-1996) Rodion began training at the Moscow School 204, the experimental class, then studied at the Moscow secondary school № 28 with in-depth study of English. Then, two years (1996-1998) - the English College Buckswood Grange International School - GCSC course, English, IT-A-level, in a small town in the south-east of England. Study in England, he did not want to, and asked parents to be taken away from there.

With eighteen years he worked as a bartender, as his father stopped financing it, and later was promoted to night clubs to control.

In 2003 Rodion Gazmanov graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, with honors, department "Finance companies and financial management." Studying at the Financial Academy, he created his own group. His second solo album - "Where the sky dome of the blue." After graduation, he worked as a financial analyst for a large trading network "Detsky Mir". For six years he worked for a construction company. When the economic crisis, he began to engage in real estate and project showbiz. In addition, it promotes plant growth stimulator «Nano-Gro», based on nanotechnology, which increase yields by 30 percent.

In mid-2012, it went out of business in order to deal exclusively with the music. May 28, 2013 released a solo album "opposition", which includes 13 artist's songs. In 2015 he went blind audition for the TV show "The Voice" on the First Channel and was in command of Grigory Leps.