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The group was founded in February 2008 by photographers Nata Smirina Zhebko and Eugene, who was concurrently director-more of TV (he has directed music video Sunsay «You have everything"). It all started with the fact that they posted on YouTube for the first video for the song «Cosmic Girl», shot a single frame. Movie producer happened to notice 5'nizza Markscheider Kunst and Edward Shum, who invited them to speak at the Moscow festival "INSPIRATION". Despite the fact that at this point it has been written a lot of songs, or Nat nor Eugene did not even think about creating a full-fledged band, but a desire to continue to share their creativity still prompted them to ensure that the use of this opportunity. Fortunately, before the festival was half a year and had the opportunity to write more new songs and arrange a full program. At the same time, the group added guitarist Stanislav Kononov, who after joining the group continues to work with Sergey Babkin.

February 14, 2010 - the day of lovers - the group has posted on the website Kroogi.com their debut album «Pure», on which work lasted a year and a half. Online Users themselves can choose - to listen to the album for free, or pay a symbolic sum. All the songs from the album - English-speaking, one of them, «Ever», was recorded in conjunction with the Andrei Zaporozhets. In June 2010, it has been laid out mini-album «Understandable» with Russian songs and one - Ukrainian language. «Understandable» and the subsequent mini-album «Papercuts», released in autumn 2011, began in a sense, a turning point as the acoustic trio gradually joined a full rhythm section.

January 1, 2013 - the first day of the new year - the network has been laid out a second full-length album «Nevertheless» - a beautiful ending of one of the important and controversial episodes in the life of the group. Record touching its infancy, and there was a contrary: during the recording team was on the verge of collapse. But the job still managed to finish. "Right in the period of active work on the album from the group went almost all the musicians: guitarist, bassist, drummer and sound engineer. Once we were with Eugene Zhebko. And there was a question: whether to continue work on an album or is it no longer has any meaning. After much thought and internal dialogue, it was decided, in spite of all the insults, misunderstandings, started to bring to its logical outcome. "(Interview Nata Smirnin magazine Time Out)

2013 turned out to be a very active group. Despite the constant changes in the composition at the beginning of the year released the album "Nevertheless", and in the end, the single "Bear" (consisting of the songs "The Bear" and "No hope"). Coverage singles in VK amounted to more than 11 million people. The post with the single placed such popular community as Esquire, Music, Other Music, New Albums, Pop, Indie Music, ART, etc. Other movies. According to statistics released by the group at the end of the year - in 2013 Pur: Pur played 51 concerts, traveling a total of more than 44 000 km. Concert geography affected the city of Izhevsk to Lviv, from Petrozavodsk to Krasnodar. Among the iconic performances of the band in this year can be distinguished:

- Festival "Jazz at Town Hall Saturday" (Minsk, the main square, June 2013) - the only Ukrainian group

- Odessa International Film Festival (Odessa, July 2013)

- Festival kaZantip (Popovka, August 2013)

- World Championships in Athletics (Moscow, August 2013, Luzhniki)

- The festival "Jazz Koktebel" (Koktebel, in September 2013, Main Stage)

- Presentation of a Porsche 911 Turbo (Dnepropetrovsk, October 2013)

2014 was a landmark for the fifth group. Finally I was able to realize a large-scale long-standing dream - to travel to Ukraine accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

The basis of the data shows not only lay the material collected over the 6 years of the band, but also completely new compositions for chamber group by a symphony orchestra. Despite the complexity and scale of the planned group and are not moved away from the principle of DIY, implementing a successful project completely on their own - from the idea to the concerts themselves.

Creating a program with the orchestra was made possible thanks largely to the support of fans. As part of the action launched kraudfandingovoy online Planeta.ru team was able to collect the amount of 251,465 rubles, which were spent on the live recording "Bear", creation of costumes, video installations, etc.

The culmination of the tour with the orchestra became the concert on December 10 in his native Kharkov. For the first time in the history of PUR: PUR collected Shevchenko Theatre (845 seats) and proved that if you believe the dream, then everything is possible. Kharkov concert different from other concerts and the fact that it as a special guest appeared the children's choir. [11] Output video version of the concert is scheduled for 2015-th year.

In addition:

In the fall of the Russian TV channel "CTC" I purchased the rights to the use of two songs ("Close" and "Make Love To Me") in the youth series "Angelica." The premiere of the show took place on September 15.

December 4 PUR: PUR made a special guest of the concert "Therr Maitz" c London Symphony Orchestra, and played a 45-minute set at Crocus City Hall (Moscow)

In addition to the concerts in Ukraine and the Russian group also visited Lithuania and Georgia, performed at the festival "Wild Mint" (Kaluga region) Festival Nettles (village Krapivna, Tula region), "Indie Love" (Izhevsk), Kazantip (Anaklia, Georgia).