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Girls Icicles

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In 2010, the band came out video for the song "How to Allah" and "Sauna". In 2010, the group was awarded the prize of the festival "Song of the Year" for the song "As Allah", the title of best corporate groups according to the Ukrainian channel "M1" and a nomination for "Muz-TV 2011" in the category of "Breakthrough of the Year" for the video for composition "Sauna" certificate for the creation of which the group received at the contest "New Wave 2010".

In 2011, the band shot a video for the song "Intimacy does not offer", "Kalimera", "Girl" and "Girls oligarchs."

February 16, 2012 they released their second album titled "Intimacy does not offer." In May 2012, released the video for "cornflower". In July 2012 the girl Madonna rejected the proposal to act as a group as the opening act on her concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The girls explained it quite simply - to work for free, they are not collected.

In August 2012, the Group received a nomination for the Russian TV channel RU.TV music award in the category of "Creative of the Year" for the video "cornflower". September 29, 2012 the group was awarded the coveted "samovar" - a premium channel RU.TV. However, the group lost the award on stage. Lead Award RU.TV, Nikolai Baskov, offended by winning the girls and their losing streak in all categories in which it was claimed, gave the award to the boy who had brought him flowers. By the end of October, a group still received a prize. October 28, 2012 were shooting New Year music video titled "Girls icicles." Together with a group of videos starring Sergei Zverev and Light from Ivanovo.

April 10, 2013 the group celebrated its fifth anniversary of the release of a new song called "smart aleck!". This time the theme songs are girls who are looking to find love through the Internet. On April 19, "Izvestia Hall» took tenth award ceremony in the field of popular music "Soundtrack» (ZD Awards), where the group presented the award for winning the nomination "adequate year." May 14, 2013 godasostoyalis shooting a new video for the song "Mumitrol", and on June 13 premiere of the music video. May 25, 2013 took place Russian music award television RU.TV, which in the "Creative of the Year" were presented video work Sergei Zverev, among which was a joint video with the group "Payuschie cowards" for the song "Girls icicles," but victory awarded another clip. June 17, 2013 Victoria Kovalchuk announced his departure from the group. In August 2013 the band took part in the festival of rock music «Metal Heads Mission» in Yalta.

October 4, 2013 the group has applied to participate in the contest of "Eurovision-2014" from Russia with the song "moo-moo", but open selection was canceled and to represent Russia at the contest expert jury was selected by the duo of sisters Tolmachev have represented the country at children's version of the contest. October 19, 2013 the group presented version of the song "Naha!" In Chinese, due to increased interest in the group in China. December 2, 2013 were shooting New Year's video for the song "I do not remember", and on December 12 the premiere of the video clip.

April 1, 2014, the premiere single "moo-moo", recorded a duet with Andrey Kuzmenko. April 25 premiere of the video on the music channel «M1». September 3, 2014, the premiere of the single «Instagram». December 1, 2014, the premiere of the song and video "Beautiful end."