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January 22, 1986 in the city of Mykolaiv in a very intellectual family was born a little Olya. And after 6 years, they moved to live in Odessa. At this age, and began to show creativity Olga - an incredible love of needlework, music and swimming. Deciding to get a stable profession that will always support her, Olga successfully completed the first sewing school, and then the Cultural Institute in his hometown.

But the monotonous and boring life turned dramatically when one day after the announcement in their town casting a group VIA Gra, Olga, with the support of friends decided ... and the past, beating more than a dozen rivals.

- I did not even imagine what will happen next, but I felt that changes everything around me! Take a seat in a popular band was not easy: a lot of training, rehearsals, work on yourself, lapping - it first, and then another tight tour schedule - that this was my year. But I am very grateful to Konstantin Meladze at the chance - to work in a team and understand that the scene - my place, and I can be an artist.

2006 gave Olga not only popular, but also the fateful meeting with her future husband, and then by pregnancy. And she decided to leave the band, deciding to become a mother and wife is no less important than to build a career.

After leaving the group VIA Gra, Olga tried to combine family life and to find myself as a solo artist: avidly studied singing, dancing, sports, recording songs even released a video. But the reward for their efforts came still later - it was another fateful meeting, but with the future producer - Andrei Sergeev.

Acquainted a total of one of the most popular clubs in Odessa, Andrew was struck by the incredible artistry and energy of Olga. "Dancing in the crowd of people on it could not take your eyes off dozens of people. And when I learned that she still sings, it became clear - you just have to give the correct implementation of its potential" - says Andrew. So work began on a project Olga Romanov, a result which has recorded the first single "Knockin 'on heaven", sound producer which made a successful ChinKong, author of a dozen hits. And in the coming months in addition to the video for the single "Knockin 'on heaven", the audience will hear new songs of Olga.

Project Olga - a quality, fashionable dance music. The correct synthesis of music and dance, emotions and energy. Bright picture with interesting content.