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Oleg Verd


Oleg Verde won the chief judges of the vocal show of the country «X-Factor". But just realized better to live under their own laws, and not pretending to be something you really are not. And now stimulate domestic show business "electroshock". Oleg does not aspire to fame in the secular sense of the word. His goal - not narcissism front of the cameras and glamorous parties. He loves his family, women and football. And she loves to sing. To be understood, it is ready to publicly expose their inner experiences. And it will be sincerely happy if his songs they hear, and see his videos.

"Electroshock" - the category of love emotions - from love to hate, - says Oleg Verde. - This is an attempt to revive the doomed relationship creative "electroshock". It is symbolic that just a few hours before the start of shooting, I came down with fever. But I found the strength not to let our entire team - bought half the nearest pharmacy. Therefore, filming I was on the verge. I almost fell into one of the many holes in the floor on one of the floors of an abandoned factory. A knee injury - fell on a running fragments of bricks. Freezing in the cold basement. And in the final, in the delirium temperature, the IOC under the cold artificial rain. But all this stuff. After all, without false modesty we can say that we made a high-quality video. Now "Electroshock" is interesting not only to listen but also to watch. Although the original script, we tried not to break away from the objective reality, avoiding happy ending. After the song "Electroshock" completely autobiographical. "