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Ivan Alekseev aka Noize MC was born on March 9, 1985 in Yartsevo Smolensk region. His path to the future success of the favorite of millions began quite trivial: c training at the music school where parents gave Vanya at the age of 10. Already at age 13, inspired by the creativity of the legendary band Nirvana, Ivan collected his first rock band. Gradually the range of interests of future Noize MC expanded, he began to listen to the guitar not only alternative, but hip-hop and drum'n'bass, and electronics. Soon Ivan organized his first rap project - Face2Face - and began to spread the recorded tracks on the Internet. In 2002, Ivan Alexeev graduated from high school with a gold medal and entered the Faculty of Informatics of the Russian State Humanitarian University, he moved to Moscow. And in 2003, together with its neighbors in the dorm RGGUshnoy together a new alternative group called Protivo Gunz.

Parallel to this, Noize MC began to participate in competitions for the biggest hip-hop portals and freestyle battles at various festivals in Moscow, where almost always win prizes. In March 2005, the festival of street culture Snickers Guru Klan Ivan in the final rap Buttle won the Young MC, famous for his work with Ligalaiz Decl. Immediately after that Ivan offered the role of a leading judge and a large festival - Snickers Urbania.

In the spring of that year, Noize MC and Protivo Gunz purchased a new invaluable experience - the practice of improvised street performances. In May, Ivan moved out of the dorm room removable RSUH on Old Arbat Street, which was also a place to store almost all the equipment, the accumulation of musicians for a short time of existence of the group. Several times a week the boys were dragged out into the street all his belongings, including the drum kit, amplifiers and microphone, tape strapped to a rack, and discourage passers-by his guitar hip hop with elements of reggae, punk rock, grunge and nu metal, heavy improvisation and using profanity.

In summer 2006, Noize MC signed his first contract with a record label: young talent interested companies Respect Production. Becoming formal solo artist, Ivan did not stop working with the group Protivo Gunz. September 9, 2006 the team won the All-Russian competition of Urban Sound, and after a short time contract with Respect Production was finished and Ivan signed a new - already a big company Universal Music. However, this co-operation lasted very long, and in 2008, Ivan set out on an independent voyage, which continues to this day.

In 2007, the debut of Ivan in the film - in the movie Andrei Kudinenko "Drawing" he played on all sides of the hero - Igor Glushko, high school student, a young musician who moved to Moscow from Tyumen region after the death of parents. Noize also appeared as a songwriter, having written the soundtrack for this film.

Noize MC's debut album, entitled The Greatest Hits vol.1 was released on June 17, 2008 th and became one of the best selling releases of the year. Singles from this album - "Song for radio", "Behind the closed door," "Exhale," "Out of the box", "Kantemirovskaya", "Straw!" - Entered the golden collection of the new Russian rock and invariably blow the hall during the band's concerts .

In 2009, the musician won an channel A-One RAMP in the category "Respect Runet", and was marked by the award-winning "Steppenwolf" (established by Artemy Troitsky) in the category "Lyrics".

The year 2010 was a turning point to Noize MC. After he came out in defense of victims of the resonant accident involving the vice president of "Lukoil" Anatoly Barkov and drew attention to the tragedy of his music video "Mercedes S666», many began to perceive Ivan not only as a musician but also as a significant public figure. In the queue for an interview with Noize MC lined up not only music publications, but also serious socio-political media: "Echo of Moscow», Newsweek, «Novaya Gazeta", Radio "Liberty" and so on. Publications about Noize MC went in many foreign publications from Wallstreet Journal to Sueddeutsche Zeitung. It was promoted and other scandals involving the musician - a comparison of alcoholic energy Jaguar heroin directly from the stage Jaga-Fest'a, sharp attacks on police during a concert in Volgograd and the subsequent arrest for 10 days on charges of hooliganism and sarcastic video "Shave a star" - the answer to a song by Sergei Shnurov "Khimki forest».

May 28, 2010 Noize MC released a second album, which was titled "The last album." The release took place in an unusual form: a full set of "The Last Album" has included not only the self-titled disc, but a book with the same title, written by drummer Pasha Teterin, and even a bonus CD with audio book «Underground», which is a shorthand role staging events book. The disc included the 20 new songs, are not illuminated at concerts (with rare exceptions).

The list of achievements of 2010 includes the output clips "Misanthrope-Rap" and "Bolt" (second fichering with "Liapis Trubetskoy"); Award nomination for MTV EMA, as the best Russian artist, and the award "Muz-TV" as the best hip-hop project; an impressive tour around the country, as well as the award "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Moose TV", "Silver Rain", the portal InDaRnB.ru and (the second time) Prize "Steppenwolf" Artemy Troitsky. In addition, the band released their interpretation of the songs of Viktor Tsoi "We Want to Dance" on a rap tribute band "Cinema". The year 2011 was marked by not a new album, but it was a year, unequivocally pobivshim records on crew activity. Clips went so diverse that finding in them something of their own could probably every "swearing from behind the wall", "Bullshit", "That's it ... So what?", "Himself", "Bryn -Bryn-Bryn, "" Pushkin Rap "," ShlakvaShaklassika! "and" Hymn Hicks come in large numbers. " Besides the whole pack of colorful clips, got on TV, the market entered the second Live DVD group called "Burn Electricity!".

The long-awaited "New Album" (yes, it was called) was released on March 30, 2012 and included many songs released before the release - the only postreliznym clip from the plate was the "pool" (received, nevertheless, a great resonance among fans of the team). As if to compensate, in the following year, the band released two discs at once - «Protivo Gunz» (the best hits of the team) and "Confusion" - the newest release, tracklist which was almost entirely classified up to the release date.

2013th becomes special in the history of the group. In 2013, the year the team will be 10 years. During this decade come a long way. You could meet Vanya with a guitar at the ready on the Arbat, might stumble on his impromptu concert in Central Park in New York, could witness the freestyle night on the streets of Tel Aviv or warm family performances in a small cafe in Goa. But now accustomed to seeing Noize MC on the stages of many thousands of rooms. Such as the biggest live-club in Russia, Stadium Live, where a group of Noize MC and celebrated its first real anniversary on April 13, 2013.. This evening on the stage of the most happening real show - by the anniversary program was attended by more than a dozen musicians from the percussionist to cellist.

In addition to numerous video clips and, of course, concerts, 2014 promises fans output of the first full-length feature film, starring which involved the whole group Noize MC. The film called Hard Reboot and was filmed by Andrei Kudinenko.