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«Nerves" - a musical group from the Ukraine / Russia, the successor to Eugene Milkovo solo project. Prior to the general public group appeared March 5, 2011, launching a music video for the song "Batteries." April 27 premiere of the video "nerves." A month later, on May 27, the network appears debut directorial work of Eugene Milkovo clip "radio wave". 3 October released a new video work - the song "Stupid". November 4 was presented video for the song "Smoke." December 15, 2011 the band released a video for the song "Coffee - my friend».

In early 2012, "Nerves" started to give major concerts in Russia. In 2012, the band was nominated for Muz-TV in the category of "Breakthrough of the Year", but in this nomination defeated Max Barsky. August 11, 2012 on the band's official website, it was reported: "In September 2012 launched a grand tour, which will include more than 90 cities!". Also in September, it became known that a group of "Nerves" nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards in the category "Best Russian Artist", but the results of the vote won by Dima Bilan.

October 20, 2012 fans of the group staged a mass rally in Moscow under the slogan "Reassure our nerves!" In order to organize a concert "Nerves" in the capital. In response, the band shot a video in which he promised to organize a performance in a short time. A few days later it was announced that the concert will be held in an appartment "In the circle of friends," not only in Moscow but also in St. Petersburg.

November 15 a group of "Nerves" calls to eradicate the "piggy-batsilku." The premiere of the unexpected work of the group, in which the musicians have reflected the prevailing phenomenon in the behavior of people dubbed it "Gilt-batsilka».

November 29 published a new video of the band - the song "Ravens". The main idea of ​​the video - to convey the internal state of the person at the time of the decision in my life that it will change dramatically, the task of this work - to motivate people to commit the act.

February 14 began a new round of the "nerves" entitled "Nerves! Warmer! Play! ", Which consists of concerts in more than 50 cities.

February 18th was released the video for "Fuses". The group described it as follows: "The main characters of the video - it's emotion, issued by us to freedom, they are alive, and they burn them infinitely painful, like any animate matter in the life of them, sooner or later comes to an end. But our hearts like a phoenix: it can burn themselves and revive again. Scars left by endless ups and downs of the earth, tightened, and the beating resumed in a new rhythm. " April 25 released a new video "The most common».

December 1, 2013 in Moscow, December 7 in St. Petersburg on December 13, Kyiv hosted the presentation of the second studio album "I'm alive».

July 24, 2014 left the band bass player Dmitry Dudka on their own, reported by the other members of the group in the social network "VKontakte».

August 25, 2014 announced the boys break with producer center «Kruzheva Music». The "nerves" is declared closed.

April 7, 2015 it was announced that the band signed a contract with MOT "Gazgolder", owned and founded by famous Russian rapper Vasily Vakulenko

April 9, 2015, the group presented a new video for the new song "Here you were not».

April 21, 2015 (at 23:59 of the album officially appeared on Google Play) group posted a net his third album, "Third breath».

April 25, 2015 the album became available for download in iTunes.