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Natasha Gordienko


For Russia, this new name. But Natasha was one of the most popular performers in Ukraine. Singer-phenomenon. In Kiev, it is compared with many famous performers, but with her charisma and fantastic vocal few beats.

Natasha has received wide popularity after participating in the show "The Voice of Krajina" (In Russian competition called the "Voices"). Now she is a welcome guest at any concert stage and the red carpet. About her many happy and journalists write, the subject and the whole program.

Natasha Gordienko was born January 4, 1985 in Kyiv region Kagarlyk. She graduated from music school, piano, Kyiv School of Culture and Arts of the conducting and choral department, and then continued her studies at the Kiev State Academy of Culture as a director of events: what is the real show, the singer knows firsthand.

His first musical group "Eridan". Natasha founded in 15 years. Rehearsals were held in the basement of the school, and the debut performance was held at the school disco. From the first team were bright and vivid emotions ... and keyboardist Dmitry, who works with Natasha to this day.

Over the years, Natasha Gordienko tried himself as a vocalist for the different groups. As a result, in 2007, created another of his team with the intriguing title "SuperDivka". Quality music, bold behavior on stage - the band quickly fell in love with the native inhabitants of Ukraine. And tight tour schedule on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova - a clear confirmation.

In addition, Natasha Gordienko actively cooperated with the most famous Ukrainian stars, as well as engaged in the cartoon films, for example voice sang Gordienko Melpomene in the Disney animated film version of "Hercules".

After trying his hand at various roles, Natasha decided to start a solo career. Therefore, without hesitation, took part in the new and unusual Ukrainian music show "The Voice Kraїni" in which famous singers acted as "trainers" and typed commands without seeing and hearing only bidders. If you liked the voice - the coach turned his chair. Once Natasha sang the famous aguzarovskie "Yellow Boots", it instantly turned all the coaches - Diana Arbenina, Stas Peha, Ruslan Ponomariov and the legendary Alexander. The actress herself could choose with whom to work and stopped at Arbenina.

For 4 months of the show (two of them took the weekly live shows and live performances) and Natasha became a favorite of the teachers and the entire Ukrainian public. She tried on a few images - from a very responsible ("Million scarlet roses" and "Ruta") to hooligan ("My best friend is playing the blues").

Not having received the grand prize, Gordienko received recognition from the public and professionals, so it is quite logical that in December 2011, she signed a contract with Universal Music.

Now she is working closely on a new solo program, on the heels of the most prominent representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian show business. Natasha writes songs for Egor Solodovnikov, the author hits the singer Firs "Provence" on the big balloon "and a few young and talented authors.

Who is behind Natasha 2 solo videos that have had success on the music channels and the Internet, a lot of photo shoots, interviews, experiments with both the appearance and the musical material. Participation in festivals such as «Crimea Music Fest» in 2012, where Natasha had on the idea of the director to perform his first hit, "Kiev - Goa" upside down.