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I was born and grew up in Kiev. She graduated from the nine high school named after VI Kudryashov number 195 on the birch.
She graduated from the Kiev variety and circus school.
Soloist and actress: Ukrainian folklore theater "Rodina", the Kyiv House of actors, Kyiv Variety Theatre, Jewish Theatre "Stern».
In 1995 he began a solo career. In the same year she won the "Slavonic Bazaar". The first hits - "The girl with hair the color of lilies", "Snowdrop" and "Jerusalem».
In 1996 he entered the Cnooc.
1997 - The first album, "La la la" (sold over a million copies).
1998 - Album "snowdrop».
1999 - the album "Just me," the song "Mіsyats" became the song of the year in Ukraine, as well as the best singer Natalia.
2000 - All-Ukrainian tour to support the album "Just me».
2001 - the album "Not so." Natalia recognized as the best singer in Ukraine and received the award "Golden Firebird».
2002 - the album "Winter". The video for the song "Winter (teddy bear)" Dmitry Gordon.
2003 - the album "The most important thing ...". The video for the song "Limonov's lantern." Out Lada Luzin book titled "I - a witch!" (The Adventures of Natalia Mogilev and witches Ivana Karamazov).
2004 - re-release of the album "The most important thing ..." a new song "Love me like this." Natalia Mogilev becomes presenter and received the award "Triumph" as the best presenter of the year. Magnificent wedding with Dmitry Chaly. The title of "People's Artist of Ukraine." TV project "Chance" on TV "Inter" where Natalia stands presenter and producer. Natalia becomes a producer Olga Kochetkova and makes a video "Everything else will," and also draws attention to Vitaly Kozlovsky, which sings in duet his song "Vіdpravila message». The video clip "Love me so».
2005 - Two of socially significant clip "You know", "Absent the truth in words." The video clip of the duo Kuzma "Ti Meni not daєsh." Divorce Dmitry Chaly. The video clip is a duet with Philip Kirkorov, "I'll tell you Wow! ..»
2006 th - out Ukrainian-album "Vіdpravila message». The second place the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" on the channel "1 + 1". First place in the project "Star Duet" (with producer of the program "Chance" Igor Kondratyuk).
2007 - the title of the most beautiful women in the country by the magazine «Viva!». Shooting the video for the song "The dance," the presentation of the album of the same name and the eponymous tour of the country with a partner on the "Dancing ..." Vlad Yama. The solo concert in Kiev in the framework of the tour "The dance". Participation and second place in the "Dancing with the stars - 3". In June 2007, the singer announced his departure from the program "Chance." However, after the transition of the project to the TV channel "1 + 1" Mogilev back to the project, which has successfully cooperated in 2008.
2008 - participated in the project "Star Factory 2". Natalia was the producer of the project. Output video "Real O" on the song "manufacturer" Vlad Darwin.
2009 - tour in Ukraine "The factory in your town", remove the clip for "factory».
2009 - Natalia Mogilev took part in all-Ukrainian tour "With Ukraine in a heart!", Which was organized with its support in the upcoming presidential election, incumbent Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.
The trustee of the presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko in the Crimea.
2010 - member of the jury of "American Idol. Superfinal "(New Channel).
2011 - member of the jury of the dance show "Dancing with the Stars».
2012 - member of the jury and a representative of the Southern region in the show "Maydans" on Inter TV channel.
2013 - participant of the show reincarnations "Yak dvi krapli».
2015 - member of the jury and vocal coach of the show "The Voice. Dіti ».