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In 2001, on the set of the "12 Angry Viewers" Nastya met her future producer Peter Sheksheevym. Nasty professional cooperation and Peter Sheksheeva began only in 2003, when the first recordings were made in the studio Nasty Yuri Ajzenshpisa and was launched the official website of the actress. Then starred in the video for the song "Why trample my love" popular group "Semantic hallucinations".

In 2007, Nastia won the award "Golden Gramophone" and "Golden ringtone" (prize for the best ringtone year) for the song "Will" from the series "Club".

In December 2007, the studio "Monolith Records' debut album Nastya Zadorozhnaya titled" Under 17 and older ... ". The CD includes 13 tracks. The most popular was the song "I will", "Love / dislike", "Club: Let there be a show!" And "Why trample my love." They were filmed videos. The album sold over 70 million copies, became the "gold" and was awarded the prize "Record" as the best-selling debut album of the year. The song "I will" in 2008 was awarded the prize "Golden Gramophone". Presentation of the album took place in December 2007 in the club «INFINITI». This performance was released on DVD, entitled, "Start the Party!".

In February 2009, Nastia second album "12 Stories", which included 12 songs. In addition to solo songs ("There is nothing stronger than love", "Girlfriend"), into the disc includes several duets. As with big stars like Legalize, Batyr Shukenov and a novice artist - Dino MC 47 and others. One track "Sky" performed a duet with friends at Nasty Theatre Institute, a group Deep Sky.

Presentation of the album "12 Stories" was held March 5, 2009 in the club Tuning Hall (Moscow), and thanks to a new program of dance, multimedia shows and numerous famous guests was called "More than a concert." In December 2009, the album "12 Stories" was named best pop album of the year in voting "Russian Top". The concert program of the presentation was the basis of the second DVD Nastya Zadorozhnaya "More than a concert" (2011). In the DVD «More than a concert" includes the best performances and music videos Nasty, including joint work with "Disco Crash", "Semantic hallucinations", "M16», Dino MC 47 and others.

In July 2010, published in the online comic video "network" project ROTOFF the song "Dadado!", Which played a small cameo Nastya and recorded female vocals. And towards the end of the year with a group of "M16" Nastia recorded the title theme song of the film "The Club of happiness" - the song "On the night until the morning." The director of the video for this song was a Russian film director and music video director Alexander Igudin. Work produced at Nasty Igudin the impression that the fall of 2010, he invited her for the lead role in his project Nastya "Frost" - New Year's remake of the musical-TV Channel "Russia".

In September 2011, Nastya and M16 group were nominated for RU.TV as "Best Duet" for the soundtrack of "On the night until the morning" from the movie "The Club of happiness."

In April 2013 there was a new song Nasty "Neither you nor I have." She performed a duet with Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Alexander Krivoshapko. Wrote the lyrics herself Nastya Zadorozhna, and author of the music made by Randi from the group Morandi. Recorded a duet held in Ukraine in the studio GP Sound, the arrangement made in Romania, and the mastering of the songs worked in England. Was also recorded an English version of the song titled «Hold On».

In March 2014 the soundtrack for the series "Love in the City" was a new song called "just love".