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Root kievlyanka.Shkola boarding im.N.Lysenko at the Conservatory in the class of bandura. He graduated with honors from the School of Music im.R.Gliera class pop vocal. Winner of the contest "Black Sea Games", "Azovskі vіtrila", "Boromlya", "Zіrki on stage" .... Like everything in the 90s, a group of forward "Slider / Symbol" in the style of techno-pop on the dance floor. MINT - the singer, a project that is already on the lips. MINT project - opening of Disco Awards 2007 HIT FM radio station. Sports Palace, ten thousand in the hall, and everyone's lips «Be My Lover» (a cover of La Bouche - Be My Lover) .Zhivoy sound - the festival "Tavria Games, Kiev 2007" and all sing along: "And I no manual, and wild! ". Everyone on the lips - MINT. Again, fresh, pure, sincere and natural mint.