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Young and the Restless, tender and unapproachable, bright and mysterious - it all merged into a single singer, whose name MILANIA. It represents a unique combination of talent and beauty, femininity and irrepressible energy. MILANIA admire sincerity and dedication. From an early age she was composing songs, writing poetry (on account of its five books of poetry and two of the almanac, which collected writings the most talented and well-known poets, Crimea).

Last MILANIA - member of the Union of Young Writers of the Crimea and member of the literary association "we". MILANIA - singer, whose songs are filled with love and disappointment, happiness and pain. They affect the most delicate strings of the soul of the listener and do not leave anyone indifferent. The texts of all the songs are written MILANIA based on their own experiences and are a reflection of the soul singer, who, no doubt, sincere and sensual. "I do not want to pretend and pretend to be the one who I am not. I love art in itself, and not yourself in the art. " After graduating from music school MILANIA actively participates in music competitions and festivals. Followed by moving to Kiev and admission to the Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Arts (now the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts).

Another freshman MILANIA invited to become a member of the pop band, ex-members of which were the guys from the band "Chornobrivtsі." After college, she received a higher musical education at the National Academy of Culture and Arts. Then MILANIA has long been a popular soloist both in Ukraine and in the Russian female pop group "Trisha". This trio known hits such as "Moonlight" and "Goodbye." The desire to realize himself as a solo artist, the desire for self-development has led to the fact that MILANIA left the team. During this period the singer actively in films, working in television, writing poetry, writes diverse musical material. Now MILANIA cooperates with the European recording studio in Zurich, is actively broadcasted on European radio stations. Not so long ago she made her solo concert in Zurich. In Europe, the singer known as MILA. Her hard work on yourself, self-improvement, which never neglected MILANIA, stipulate that recognition and success, to which the singer has come.