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Nikita Kiosse
Born April 13, 1998 in Ryazan. The youngest member of the boy band. He has appearances in the competition "New Wave" and "Junior Eurovision". In 13 years, he participated in the show "The Voice. Children "on the Ukrainian TV channel. In the show, "I want to Meladze" Nikita was a mentor Sergey Lazarev

Artyom Pindyura
Born in Kiev, February 13, 1990. Artem is known in narrow circles as a solo hip-hop artist Kid. Artem mentor on the show, "I want to Meladze" was Timothy, and in the finals was in the team of Sergey Lazarev.

Anatoly Choi
Born July 28, 1989 in Almaty - former capital of Kazakhstan. Anatoly - the most senior and experienced frontman. How many can remember, always singing. With 14 years began to make a corporate parties and holidays. He won a bronze medal in the Second World Delphic Games in the nomination "Pop Vocal". The group participated in the National Kazakh version of the show «The X Factor». In the show, "I want to Meladze" was in command Sedokova Anna, was with her all the stages of the show, but before the final was translated by Konstantin Meladze team Sergey Lazarev