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Prior to 2013, Ilya (Sam) Samitov and Dima Tikhonov were just horoshimiznakomymi. The boys had known each other for a long time, often crossed behind the scenes of show business, playing football together, but each had their own creative life, his musical projects: Ilya Samitov was a soloist of the group "KHAKI". The star of the series "Ranetki" Dima Tikhonov appeared in films and was a founder of the group "Balabama." Now Dima Tikhonov also host of the popular program for children ABVGDeyka. The first joint song "Mayakovsky" were born, you could say, "on the knee" in the kitchen at Elijah. There was no studio, no basis for rehearsals. Were working weekdays and training material. It will have its own database, hardware. There were arguments, slamming doors and return. Of course there were sleepless nights and a rehearsal for the dress rehearsal. But all the effort is worth it. Today, the boys prepared a full concert program, and already have enough material on the album, the release of which the guys are thinking in 2016.

Now "Mayakovsky" is a popular artist, already tight "registered" on the top of the hit parades. Clips group on the tracks "like", "simple", "Paris" and of course the song Max Fadeev "weak" can be seen on all music channels in Russia and abroad - MTV, MUZ, Ruthven, Russian MusicBox, Music First and others . Tracks are in constant hot rotation on top of radio stations as "Russian Radio", "Autoradio", "Hit FM" ... More than 150 radio stations now twisting tracks of the "Mayakovsky". The band members are frequent guests live broadcasts various programs on TV and radio. In addition, Ilya Samitov and Dmitry Tikhonov is host of the popular program "VKontakte LIVE», leaving live on TV every Wednesday Russian MusicBox.

 Song Weak (lyricist Olya Seryabkina - Silver, music by Max Fadeev Fadeev was also director of the clip) In 2015, the portal tophit.ru paid tribute to the children, and gave the group the prize in the category "Radiootkrytie 2014".

Today, the boys appear in two formats. Most often on the stage you can see Dima and Ilya Samitova Tikhonov together, but in some areas there are children, accompanied by musicians.

In December, the TV channels on the video released new song Gangsta. Directed by Garik clip (drills, BandEros.