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Max Barskih - Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Winner of the Best Ukrainian artist version 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards and MUZ-TV in the category of "Breakthrough of the Year" (2012), the radio is rotated in the Ukraine Artist in 2011.

Max Barskih debut on the big stage took place in 2008. Due to their first hits of it learned the whole Ukraine, but in 2010 the popularity of the Executive reached the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states. Music and lyrics, which takes Max Barskih, he wrote himself. He is one of the few in Ukraine pop stars who create quality music with ultra-modern sound, and its clips - "Agony», «Lost In Love | Losing You", "My heart beats», «Z.Dance» - meet the world standard music video.

Young singer already has experience with European stars. In 2010, the singer starred in the project "Mademoiselle Zhivago" with the French-Canadian star Lara Fabian. In February 2012, actor presented in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, its grand project - the horror-musical «Z.Dance», consisting of 4 new singles and a cover of Michael Jackson's legendary hit «Thriller». The musical is made in the style of the popular zombie.

In 2013, the single "I'm sick of you / I Wanna Run» became the soundtrack for commercials PEPSI. It is worth noting that 2013 was marked by a new revolution in the work of the singer and songwriter. At the ceremony, the award YUNA, which brought together the cream of Russian music business, artist introduced a new track, "according to Freud" - is radically different from all previous creative artist. In fact, "according to Freud" is a diary of life artist, which displays the expectations, hopes and emotions of the actor, in 2013 celebrated its 23 th anniversary.

Each song - a personal story, about which the artist decided to tell just now. The album contains songs written by Maxim Barskih at different times. Growing and changing attitude of the artist has been reflected in the video above which traditionally worked as director Alan Badoev, producer Max Barskih. For each song from the new collection director has prepared a clip that is why the format of "Freud" is designated as video - the first biography of the artist.