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She was born November 25, 1978 in Moscow. Prior to 2000, he lived in Ivanteevka outside Moscow, then moved to Moscow. According to relatives, to sing in the beginning of the year 2. On his own initiative in 10 years I went to Ivanteevsky children's music school guitar class. The first song written in 1989.

Mara composed songs while studying at a music school and then while working in a jazz ensemble, participating in various youth competitions. However, a professional music career, Mara thought only when it assessed the work of the first professional producer. However, career did not develop very quickly. Mara has not received higher education in music and in 2001 graduated from the Moscow University of Consumer Cooperatives in the specialty "Finance and Credit. Banking". Only in 2003, the air of "Nashe Radio" was first performed the song of Mary "Planes." The song was a few weeks in the hit parade "Chart dozen". Mary's second single, "Dolphins" also hit the charts. Even more famous was the song "cold man" for which video was filmed. In 2003, the singer's debut album "Revelation".