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Lera Tumanova

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#104 worldwide

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The young singer, a talented writer and composer, at age 16, arrived in Moscow from Ukraine, where it took to produce the famous song hip-hop musician and sound producer Dominic Joker. Together they recorded their debut album Lera "free element". The compositions of the debut album - "Give me the sky", "SMS-ki", "Hello" have become hits the dance floor.

Leroux can rightly be called a talented student of Dominique Joker, it is not restricted to just one style, she writes music that makes dance empathizing, it is not built with the producer project purchased material is a real talented sincere lyrics, coupled with fashionable dance arrangements, inspiring progressive generation, proving that true talent can and should open the way. "Free element" - is itself Lera, girl of his generation, bright, sincere, it does not have hired producers and authors. Interesting language of her music, attention is drawn to the original melodies, lyrics and originality ultra sound. As a writer, performer and music co-producer of his songs, Lera has its own style of performance and beautiful natural tone of voice, it's all in the compartment gives her work a bright personality and charisma. The owner of the award "National Treasure" for "enlightened younger generation" in 21 years, her video "Romeo and Juliet" in collaboration with Dominique Joker conquered online spaces and music channels of Russia, making it a bright young star of his generation.