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Leonid Agutin was born in a family of musician Nikolai Petrovich and teacher Lyudmila Leonidovna Agutin (until marriage - Shkolnikova).

My father sang in the band "Blue Guitar", was the winner of the competition "Bratislava Lyre". He worked as an administrator in the Group of Stas Namin, Group "Jolly Fellows", "Singing Heart" and "Pesnyary." At the present time - a music critic.

Mother - a teacher of primary school, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, worked in the school number 791 in Moscow.

At the age of six years, Leonid went to a music school. Then, in parallel with studies in the secondary school № 863 of Moscow, graduated from the Moscow jazz school at the House of Culture "Moscow River" piano. From 1986 to 1988 he served in the Soviet border troops on the Karelian-Finnish border.

In 1992 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture as a "Directed by theater and mass representations».

Since 1989 he traveled to Soviet republics on tour as part of well-known Russian bands as "warming up" of the artist. In 1992, Leonid Agutin becomes the winner of the International contest of young performers "Yalta-1992" with the song "Barefoot Boy", and in 1993 - the winner of the International Competition of Young Singers of Popular Music "Jurmala-1993».

In 1994 he released his first solo album, the singer - "Barefoot Boy", who in the spring of the same year became a hit and raises Agutin to the top music business. In 1994 he became the nominee and won in three categories: "Singer of the Year", "Song of the Year" and "Album of the Year" with the hit songs: "Hop hey la la lei" and "Voice of the tall grass." In April 1995, Leonid Agutin commits another achievement in Russian show business, having collected two sold-out concert at the Sports and Concert Complex "Olympic". In December 1995, the singer released his second solo album - "Decameron". Along with artists such as Philip Kirkorov, Valery Meladze and a group of "Lube", it is a record for the number of awards he received "Golden Gramophone».

Lives and works in Moscow.

In 2005, Leonid Agutin and legendary American jazz guitarist Al Di Meola, the winner of many musical awards including "Grammy", recorded a joint studio album «Cosmopolitan Life». The disc went on sale in Russia, Britain, Germany, Austria, Canada and the United States. Overall CD sales exceeded 900,000 copies in the first 6 months. Album confidently held for several months in the "hot jazz dozens" of Europe and America, and has been called "a musical bridge between cultures».

Later, February 3, 2008 in Europe, went on sale DVD-Video «COSMOPOLITAN LIVE. Al Di Meola and Leonid Agutin ». On the drive - two chapters. The first chapter of "Portrait" - a documentary about the world tour Agutin and Meola in support of the album «Cosmopolitan Life» and video clips for the songs from the album. In the second chapter - the recording of the concert «Montreux Jazz Festival» at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). DVD immediately hit the top 20 charts of jazz music video in Europe and America.

December 29, 2008 Leonid Agutin Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation».

In October 2012 he became a member of the jury Agutin and mentor in the musical TV show of the First Channel "The Voice." Like the rest of the judges of the "Voice", it was made an official offer to participate in September 2013 in the second season of the project. Leonid Agutin responded positively, with the proviso that the composition of the judges will not change (in the first season of "Voices" with Leonid Agutin jury members were Alexander Gradsky, Pelagia and Dima Bilan). Those teachers have worked in the third season of the show, which ended in December 2014