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Singer Christina Orsa few years ago loudly proclaimed itself the songs "I catch a taxi", "I'm not for it now," "I'll tell you yes," resounded in the air most popular radio stations of the country. Many a time have learned about the young singer thanks to her duet with Mitya Fomin, "Do not dummy" - this song for performers written by famous author Sergey Revtov. This is not the only famous writer whose songs are performed by Christina: she has managed to work with Alexei Romanov (group "Vintage"), and with Paul Esenina - creator of many hits for the Russian stars.

After recording the duet "Do not dummy" Orsa so made friends with Mitya Fomin, he invited her to play the main female role in the video for his "good songs". Later in the artistic career of Christina appeared two hits - "I'll be there" and "Forget it." Business card singer - beautiful clips shot venerable director Maxim Rozhkov and Alexei Andrianov ("Spy"). In the last video for the song "Forget" the main character in an exciting love affair became an actor and musician Alexei Vorobyov.

But shooting in the clips - that's not all: the singer has already managed to try his hand at film and this year on the screens out her movies - "Corporate" and "Mom-3." Christina manages to simultaneously make a musical career, go on tour and try to cast for the new film. However, the singer was born in a military family and childhood was able to mobilize to do several things at once. In addition, the task is even more difficult: to make a career, being a mother of two children. Sonia - my daughter Christine and her husband Sergei was born December 2, 2010 and April 15, 2013 a son Vanya.